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How to choose the perfect tomatoes in the supermarket


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Tomatoes love everything or almost everything. As a rule, a wide variety of varieties, shapes, colors and sizes are offered in the markets and stores of America in a season.

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How to choose the most ripe, aromatic and delicious tomato? Depending on its size, the tips vary. Today TheKitchnn will tell you about both. So, let's go to the store for the perfect tomatoes!

Look for a place

Where the tomatoes were grown is much more important than the brand name under which they are sold. The largest tomato growers and suppliers that can be found in American markets and stores are Florida and Mexico. This means that if you live far from the indicated regions, keep in mind that the tomatoes in them are removed from the branches in green and transported inside and outside the country in an unripe form. Tomatoes grown near where you live tend to ripen on the branches and will taste better (and usually also cheaper). Look first for stores that partner with local manufacturers.

How to choose large tomatoes

Look for tomatoes that have a deep, uniform color. Green and yellow spots on red tomatoes indicate that the fruits have ripened after being removed from the branches. This is a common practice for growers as unripe tomatoes are easier to pack and transport. But all of this can affect aroma and taste.

Take the tomato in your hands, but do not squeeze - pay attention to the weight. A good tomato is heavy.

Smell a tomato - it should smell sweet, earthy. The stronger a tomato smells, the more flavorful it will be in the cut and in the dishes.

How to choose small tomatoes

Plastic pods are convenient for delivering small tomatoes to the store or home, but they make it difficult to determine their quality. Try to choose at least by color - grape tomatoes or cherry tomatoes have a deep uniform color. They should be smooth, free of dents and wrinkles, elastic in appearance.

If you manage to blow in the package, you will understand how fragrant they will be, and also make sure that there are no spoiled tomatoes in the container.

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