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How to properly collect a picnic basket


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Memorial Day is approaching, and this is besides tradition to honor the memory of loved ones who gave their lives in the war, also a beloved opportunity to celebrate the arrival of summer and go on a picnic with the whole family. You can organize a picnic anywhere - near water bodies, in parks, or even right in your yard.


Having decided on the place, you should immediately think about whether it is possible to install a grill or grill there to fry meat, fish or vegetables. If there is no such place, all these products can be prepared in advance at home. At a picnic, after all, not only delicious food is important, but also communication with the family, the opportunity to be in nature and get some fresh air. A few days before the trip, it would be good to inquire about the weather forecast in order to take into account possible rainfall or strong wind.


What to take with you on a picnic? A great helper will be special, complete picnic bags, where everything is there: dishes, cutlery, salt shaker, cutting board, tablecloth, napkins, corkscrew. With such a bag you will never forget anything.

It would be good to purchase a special thermo bag and cold batteries, because they will help to preserve the freshness of products for a long time. You may also need a thermos for hot drinks.


Whatever you decide to have a picnic, there are basic rules for picking a basket, which you always need to remember:

  • Be sure to prepare a large variety of snacks. Even if you plan to use the grill in the future, they will definitely help you out in the long wait for a barbecue. Ideally, the sandwiches will be closed, such as wrapped in pita bread. Various canapes will also be very convenient, and it can be absolutely any kind of food: from vegetables and fruits to cheese with ham.
  • You can take on a picnic various snacks, such as nuts, seeds and dried fruits in a convenient package.
  • Drinks are best prepared immediately in separate tightly closed bottles to avoid trouble.
  • Be sure to bring a waterproof mat on which you can put a tablecloth - the ground can be wet and ruin your rest.
  • Grab a few garbage bags to easily collect leftover food and used disposable dishes after your picnic.
  • Do not forget about asepsis, insect and sunburn, hats, glasses and wet wipes.

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