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How to make a champagne bath and why?


Source: Rambler

A champagne bath is perhaps one of the most vivid illustrations of luxury and wealth. But what really threatens those who regularly take such baths, and is it really useful?

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Death bath

Dreamers who dream of a champagne bath often frighten one legend, writes Rambler. Once a certain man in love decided to please his darling and filled the bath to the brim with sparkling wine. The woman was in seventh heaven with happiness and immediately plunged into a drink. However, after spending a few minutes there, she died from alcohol poisoning, which allegedly was absorbed through the skin. Thanks to this story, many people believe that regular champagne baths, if not end in death, will certainly lead to alcoholism and all the ensuing consequences.

Narcologists over such allegations just laugh. According to them, to get drunk from the bath with champagne is really possible, but for the lethal outcome, the wine still needs to be drunk and not bathed in it. In addition, in order to grow drunk, it is not necessary to sink into the bath. It is enough just to stand next to her. The fact is that through the skin alcohol is actually absorbed into the blood, but in extremely small doses. But alcohol vapors that penetrate the body through the lungs, are really able to cause mild intoxication.

No old age!

In fact, according to the assurances of most cosmetologists, regular baths with champagne will not bring any harm. On the contrary, from such procedures, you can extract a lot of useful. For example, any grape wine contains natural antioxidants that prevent premature aging of the skin and thereby have a rejuvenating effect. Wine cleans and tightens pores, so these baths will be especially useful for oily skin.

In addition, baths with champagne contribute to the improvement of metabolism in the body, and therefore, to some extent, help in the fight against cellulite and excess weight. Such procedures also improve microcirculation and relieve muscle tension.

That's just for the champagne baths to act on the body extremely beneficial, such a procedure must be carried out correctly.

Proper champagne bath

In fact, for a wellness and rejuvenating effect, it is not necessary to fill the bath with a single champagne. A pair of bottles of dry wine, which you just need to add to the water, is sufficient for this. Moreover, it is not necessary to use expensive wines.

To heighten the effect in the bath, you can pour a little natural milk. But to use essential oils and other similar means is not worth it. They can weaken the effect of champagne.

Baths should be taken 1-2 once a week. Each procedure should not exceed 20-30 minutes.

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