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How to drink black tea to lose weight


Source: Science Daily

Scientists from the University of California came to the conclusion that black tea can help get rid of those extra pounds no worse than green, reports Science Daily.


Previously, this property was attributed exclusively to green varieties of tea, while black was considered to be primarily a tonic drink unrelated to weight loss. Experts from Los Angeles discovered the unexpected properties of black tea: it turns out that it affects the microflora of the digestive tract, due to which it probably helps to get rid of excess weight.

A study in mice showed that black tea affects metabolism by changing the composition of the intestinal microflora. This property is also confirmed in relation to green tea. The percentage of bacteria associated with obesity has decreased, while the percentage of bacteria that live in the body of slender people has increased.

The association of microflora with human obesity has been discovered relatively recently, and is currently under study. Experts suggest that the intestines of fat people absorb nutrients not like the microflora of slender ones - perhaps this is the secret of why some people eat a lot and do not grow stout, while others just breathe near chocolate to gain weight.

Black tea contains tonic substances and antioxidants, which have a positive effect on general health, prevent aging and certain diseases. This is good news for those who have always preferred black tea to green. It is important to know that the benefits will be only if you drink it without sugar and sweet additives, and be sure to cook by the rules: the average brewing time for black tea is 3-5 minutes.

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