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How to eat cheese and serve a cheese plate



Cheese is one of the most favorite and popular gourmet dishes around the world. However, for all our love for this dairy product, few of us guessed how to eat brie cheese and serve a cheese plate. To understand this issue suggests

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It is important to understand that when it comes to cheese etiquette, it is talking about the correct use of elite soft cheese, such as brie. Putting your favorite hard cheese on top of a sandwich and pouring ketchup on it, no one will forbid you, but you should not ignore the general gastronomic rules that will allow you not only to be known as intelligent and educated, but also to better experience the taste of cheese.

Cheese etiquette talks about the correct serving and use of a cheese plate in a restaurant, about the correct eating of the product "in public" so as not to be considered an uneducated redneck. A kind of set of simple rules that should not be ignored - they must be known and respected.

What's wrong with the cheese plate

It is believed that a classic cheese plate should contain several types of cheeses - from hard with a pronounced smell to soft, like the heart of lovers in the first weeks of a relationship.

According to outdated canons, such a plate must be consumed with red wine. However, if the best option for you is a combination of cheese with coffee or fresh compote, then you should not change your habits.

The clear rules for serving a cheese plate say: cheeses are laid out on a plate in a circle following some canons. First, spread soft cheeses with a crust, then pressed from raw milk, then blue. This means that we taste the cheese in ascending order: first soft and bland, then savory.

Cheese plate should be supplemented with nuts, apples, honey and grapes. These ingredients allow you to reveal the taste of cheese and become a separate pleasant addition to the dish.

You can also serve crackers or fresh bread on a separate plate, and replace honey with jam or jam. An excellent option would be to dip the cheese in honey or jam. Looks weird, but very tasty.

Since the cheese plate is laid out around, we eat it accordingly. If we are talking about a buffet table, then take the cheese like this - first soft, then blue (which is on the edge, and then in the middle). We take a piece with a special fork and put it on our plate, and then all the other additions.

Cheese should be at room temperature, that is, they should be removed from the refrigerator an hour before serving.

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What to do with brie cheese

French soft brie cheese came to our area not so long ago. He managed to win the hearts (stomachs) of many gourmets, but few people know how to eat it correctly.

Brie is a fairly versatile product that can be consumed in a variety of ways. And when no one sees, then at all as you want. But it's still worth knowing about some general rules.

  • At a party, a buffet table, at a party, we eat brie in small slices. Very small - half a head of cheese will not go down for a slice.
  • It can be eaten either alone or with pears, apples, grapes, nuts.
  • Combine with champagne or wine just fine.
  • Brie can be served with baguette. Then put a little brie on a slice of baguette and supplement it with nuts or fruit.

Soft cheeses

All other types of soft cheeses (mascarpone, tofu, philadelphia) should be used in dishes (for example, cook tiramisu or add them to rolls) or brazenly spread on a fresh baguette. Why not?

Also watch a video on how to eat cheese with a baguette correctly. Separately, we put the baguette, break off a piece (do not cut it with a knife) and put cheese on the bread. We do not need any additional plates or cutlery.

Voila - now you are the main cheese gourmet in your company, who can safely tell the waiter that the cheese plate is not served correctly.

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