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Lose weight without titanic efforts: netizens shared life hacks



Sometimes hours in the gym full of sweat and pain don't pay off, and the desired weight may seem out of reach. Working on your body requires not only intense training, but also changes in diet and daily routine. Nevertheless, all this can be done without titanic efforts or expensive investments. Bright Side

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Walking. She's so underestimated. It can be done by anyone, anywhere and completely free of charge. I leave early for work by bus and walk 30 minutes to the bus stop. On the way home, I get off the bus early and walk home again for 30 minutes. This adds an hour of walking per day with minimal disruption to my daily routine. Plus, I started to eat better and lost 6,5 kg in about 5-6 weeks. © JiMMyCCuDDa / Reddit

The 70% rule. Eat 70% of your meal, then take a break, talk a little, drink water, and enjoy the moment. After a while, you will notice how the food settles in the stomach and the feeling of hunger gradually goes away. © Pizanch / Reddit

I usually try to use saucers as dinner plates. I put small portions of what I cooked on them, and visually it feels much better than the same small portions on a large dinner plate. Although my boyfriend is mad about it. It seems strange to him what I am doing. © salamander423 / Reddit

From time to time I skip lunch or dinner. We overeat a lot, so why not go hungry sometimes? It's easier for me not to eat at all than trying to eat something small and not even appetizing. © stancel1fe / Reddit

The only way that worked for me was "eat calories - burn calories." You must burn more calories than you eat. This can be achieved with any diet. © Matty_22 / Reddit

Count calories using the app. Many people consume more calories than they think. Finding a balance between calorie restriction and exercise to keep calories in deficit is a sustainable strategy in the long run (think for years, not weeks) © Matty_22 / Reddit

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Include everything in your calorie tracker: ketchup, snack cookies, and more. I never wondered how much is collected in total for little things. If you love ketchup, you can easily add 100 calories to your meal. We drank a glass of milk between meals - plus another 100–130 calories. Many lie to themselves, saying that they eat little. © OnlyTwoOuts / Reddit

When you're hungry, ask yourself if you really want to eat or if you're just bored. In most cases, all you need to do is drink a glass of water and find something else to do besides eating. © ChachaPicante / Reddit

If you are struggling with an eating disorder, focus on developing a healthy relationship with food before going on any diet. © unknown / Reddit

Don't go all out and go on a super-hard diet or exercise regimen. Make slow and steady changes to your lifestyle until you get your health back on track, and then get down to business. © TheoQ99 / Reddit

Plan your meals in advance and prepare them yourself. You will be surprised how much you can control your calories this way. It also saves time and money. © totspur1982 / Reddit

If you cook your own meals, keep in mind that almost everyone underestimates their portion sizes, and you should probably fork out for a cheap food scale. © wild_cannon / Reddit

Divide your meals into snacks so you can eat all day. Eat from 7 am to 7 pm, then stop. Cut out as many carbohydrates as possible or stop eating bread, cereal, potatoes, rice, alcohol, and desserts altogether. © iwontrememberanyway / Reddit

Avoid three meals a day and dessert. For example, if I go to the movies, then my lunch is drink and popcorn. It seems strange to eat even more after that. And if I spend time at a match, I just eat garlic potatoes without buying a chicken snack. © laterdude / Reddit

Do not store junk food in your home. I eat in the middle of the night. Sometimes I would wake up looking at the empty popsicle and chocolate wrappers that I ate at night. Now, if I want something sweet, I have to go to the store for that, where I buy only a small package per serving. © kkeeper / Reddit

Fast for half a day. You get used to it after 2 days. And don't eat too much before bed. Cardio exercises such as crunches, burpees, rock climber will also help. Run the blood through your body, eat something light, and go to bed. © ahyeaman / Reddit

Drink water. Drink as much as possible throughout the day, as hunger can also hide thirst. It also cuts down on liquid calories that quickly build up, make you feel hungry, and force you to consume even more calories. © NinjaChemist / Reddit

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Set your target weight. Calculate how many pounds you can lose in a healthy way in a week or month (usually about 1 kg per week). Achieve this goal. Then set a new goal for the week or month. Get it. The ultimate goal is significant weight loss, but it's easier to achieve small wins that snowball and keep you satisfied on a regular basis. © StuHardy / Reddit

I try to stay as active as possible during the day and get up at least once an hour so I can move a little while I work. I eat until I feel about 75% full and make sure to drink plenty of water before and with meals. I usually eat one unhealthy snack a day, like a small bag of potato chips or a small cake. © puppercakess / Reddit

A couple of years ago, I lost about 45 kg, and I managed to keep most of this achievement. It was especially helpful that I focused on fresh ingredients. Many frozen foods are your enemies for a variety of reasons. Foods like these are full of preservatives and unwanted chemicals and often just don't feel full. Plus, it usually has a lot of salt. © NotARobotSpider / Reddit

I have lost more than 100 kg. The biggest factor was probably the recognition that this weight is 100% my fault and my problem. In addition to counting calories, I pasted pounds off stickers into the table to see the results in the long term. Exercise at a level that is comfortable for you. Weighing over 180 kg, I just walked my dogs for 10 minutes twice a day. Gradually, I got to almost daily gym visits. If you do what you can do, you are more likely to stick to the regimen. © Arterially / Reddit

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