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As a girl who lost both legs, she became an athlete and a model. A PHOTO


Source: Rambler

Parents of Haven Shepherd were bound by forbidden feelings, and in order to avoid public condemnation, they decided to commit suicide. Then the explosion took the lives of adults, but their daughter survived, having lost legs.


At the age of two, the girl was adopted by a family from Missouri, USA, and now 15-year-old Haven Shepherd is a very skillful swimmer and builds a career in the modeling business, tells Rambler. Haven Shepherd has long been swimming and has a chance to go to the Paralympic Games, where he will act as a representative of the United States. She was able to develop her physical strength despite the fact that after the explosion she had both legs below the knee.

With a foster mom. Photo:

The girl's biological parents blew themselves up when she was very young, because they were lovers. In Vietnam, a woman could not break a marriage with a man, in connection with which the couple decided to take desperate measures. The girl who survived the explosion had only grandfathers and grandmothers from relatives, who were too poor to pay for the treatment of their granddaughter or to take proper care of the child.


As a result, the girl was in an orphanage, and she was adopted by Rob and Shelly Shepherd from Missouri. The couple traveled more than 13 thousand kilometers to take the child home. In total, seven children grow up in the family. As soon as Haven learned to move with the help of prostheses, she became seriously involved in sports, and she started to swim from the age of four. The girl notes that she especially likes swimming because she can get rid of prostheses in the water and feel free.

"I love meeting my doubles." Photo:

In addition to swimming, Haven Shepperd began to work with a modeling agency to show all girls who have a disability that they can live a full life, even with their peculiarity. The Haven family admits that it has always supported the child in all endeavors and did not dissuade from the desire for sport.


The girl herself recalls that she was sitting on the bench when other teenagers were playing basketball, and she thought that this was not going to happen, but her sister said that she was worth a try, otherwise she could spend her whole life sparing herself.

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