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How to machine wash your sneakers so they don't fall apart


Source: Rambler

Sneakers are an essential attribute of any wardrobe. These are practical, comfortable and, most importantly, stylish shoes. But they quickly absorb sweat, which is why they acquire a disgusting smell. Rambler will tell you how to get rid of the unpleasant "odor" by washing them in the washing machine, and at the same time keep their shape.

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How to wash your sneakers in the washing machine:

  • first, remove the insoles and laces from the shoes;
  • rinse them under running water to get rid of clots of dirt and pebbles;
  • put a pair of sneakers in a special bag so that they do not bounce against each other during washing (you can also roll them in a towel). It is important not to hammer the drum completely, so wash no more than two pairs at a time;
  • select the appropriate washing mode: in some machines it is provided, but if it is not, set the most gentle mode - 30-degree temperature, without spinning and drying;
  • use liquid powders and gels to avoid streaking;
  • after washing, treat shoes with impregnation and dry well, without using a hair dryer, batteries and avoiding sunlight.

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Which sneakers cannot be washed:

  • suede is a very "capricious" material that must be cleaned dry using special products;
  • leather - can be deformed during the washing process;
  • sneakers with rhinestones, sequins and rivets - all jewelry will fly off during washing.

Sneakers have long ceased to be solely sports shoes. Today they are worn with classic clothing as an alternative to high-heeled pumps or loafers, which often chafe feet. White sneakers are best combined with office suits, flying dresses, pleated skirts and cashmere coats - the most minimalistic, neat and calm. They pay for their versatility with durability: white sneakers turn gray at the slightest contact with dirt or sand and turn yellow with frequent washing and improper drying. ForumDaily Woman lists ways to help return them to their original appearance - from the simplest to the most complex.

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