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How to register a child with a pediatrician in the USA: personal experience of an immigrant


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Are you planning to register a child with a pediatrician in the US? Posted by Apostille NY on "Yandex Zen"Told what factors need to be taken into account and how to draw up documents as quickly as possible.

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Each state has its own nuances in paperwork. The author of the Apostille NY blog has provided helpful tips for New Yorkers!

In order to monitor the health of your child, monitor the compliance of his general development with the age group, receive vaccinations in a timely manner, and in specific situations - and all the necessary medical care, your baby must be registered with a pediatrician.

In the USA, for this, you should first check with the doctor you are planning to contact if he works with your insurance company. If the answer is yes, go straight to the registration desk for all forms and forms that you will need to fill out for registration.

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With a scheduled visit to the pediatrician, the general body temperature is usually measured and weighed. If the time has come for the vaccination and the child is healthy (that is, there are no complaints about his state of health on the part of the parents and the child himself and there are no external manifestations of his malaise), the pediatrician decides on immunization.

A blood test can be done here. As a rule, a pediatrician in the USA has all the necessary medical equipment for this.

It is worth noting that in the United States, an outpatient card, as in Russia, is not entered into paper-based patients. All the necessary information for each client is stored electronically on a computer.

Parents with newborn babies are given a yellow My Health Record, NYC DEPT form. of Health & Mental Hygiene CH-31 (06/04).

It is intended for medical records on the development and health status of a child after he reaches the age of six. It details the surname and name of the child, the date and place of his birth, other facts (weight, height, points on the Apgar scale, type of feeding, the period at which the child was born, etc.), as well as the data of his parents, home address, data and contacts of the pediatrician, a list of all vaccinations and the date they were received.

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This medical card must be provided whenever you see a doctor. On the cover page of this form, you can put a picture of your baby in the appropriate frame. At each visit to the card, the pediatrician will enter data on the weight and height of the child. Based on these data, it will be possible to trace how your child is developing, and, if necessary, to receive the recommendations of your doctor.

The card itself needs to be stored in a safe place and remember that it will be needed in the future when entering a kindergarten, school, college, as well as when traveling inside and outside the United States.

All necessary medicines, including antibiotics, in the United States are obtained only by prescription. A visit to specialized specialists, such as a neurologist, as well as the passage of an ultrasound examination (ultrasound) is prescribed exclusively by a pediatrician only if there are reasons for this. Thus, we can say that the baby’s health in the USA is solely controlled by the pediatrician to whom he is attached, provided that the child is healthy and there are no indications for observation by other specialists.

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