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How to understand that you urgently need to change your face cream


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You like its packaging, its smell is pleasant, the consistency suits you. However, sometimes even this does not save the face cream from being excluded from the number of beauty favorites. Experts assure that there is no need to change a suitable and completely satisfying cream. But in some cases this should still be done.

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The product can be used for months and even years, because the physiology of the skin denies such a process as addiction (cells are regularly renewed, therefore they simply do not have time to adapt to the formula and stop responding). However, a love affair with a cream for life is a rare occurrence. What can force you to send a cosmetic product into retirement, says dermatologist Elena Eliseeva for Rambler.

Reason #1: skin condition has changed

If skin type is a phenomenon due to genetics, and it is relatively stable (after all, changing DNA is not so easy), then the skin condition is very mobile and depends solely on external conditions.

Normal skin after a day in an air-conditioned office becomes dehydrated, and after a mask with hyaluronic acid - hydrated, a glass of wine increases its sensitivity, and abuse of junk food (junk food that contains a lot of fats, sugars. - Approx. Ed.) covers the face with inflammation. Therefore, it is necessary to change the care by adjusting to the changed environmental conditions and the new state of the tissues.

In the autumn-winter period, when we spend days and nights in the company of heating appliances, during breaks, exposing our face to the icy wind, most likely, there will be a desire to choose a denser, more protective, but moisturizing texture of the cream. In the spring-summer period, on the contrary, I want lighter and matting products - the hand itself reaches for fluids and serums.

And in the beginning of autumn we were saved from the peeling that appeared after a sea holiday with powerful moisturizing and antioxidant products. Thus, several times a year, we, in one way or another, change care simply because in a country with a sharply continental climate, the difference between the seasons strongly affects the condition of the skin.

Reason # 2: you grew out of cream

For example, a 28 girl has been using antioxidant treatment for quite a long time to improve her complexion, but by the 33-35 years, wrinkles will appear on her skin anyway.

Antioxidants will stop working, and for the correction of age-related changes will have to acquire a new product - with peptides and agents that increase skin elasticity. And after 45-50 years, when the process of reducing the density starts and the first manifestations of ptosis appear, even more powerful care will be required.

Reason #3: the cream caused an undesirable reaction.

In medicine, there is the concept of "delayed type hypersensitivity". A common contact allergy usually develops quite quickly, because antibodies are already present in the tissues. Hypersensitivity or individual intolerance may also appear six months or a year after the start of the use of a cosmetic product. They differ in their mechanism from true allergies, but they are not more enjoyable.

In addition, over time, the cream may not work due to a change in the condition of the skin: for example, a cream with acids may begin to pinch (which was not the case before) after the peeling procedure, or the usual super-moisturizing care rolls down after mesotherapy with hydro-fixators. In this case, the cream is not to blame - it is a matter of external circumstances.

If a favorite and long-used cream suddenly caused a strange reaction, you need, first, to find out what caused this (maybe you just returned from vacation, where you sunbathed for two weeks, or maybe you began to take new vitamins) ; second, take a break from using it (give the product a second chance in a couple of weeks).

Reason #4: Your skin type has changed.

It is extremely rare, but it happens - mostly after strong hormonal shakes. Skin type may change after pregnancy (in any direction) or during menopause (mainly in the direction of dryness, but late acne is also common), after taking potent drugs (for example, oral retinoids). In this case, the care is simply selected again.

Reason #5: the soul is asking for a new one.

Many women by nature tend to try something new, and if you really want to try a miracle remedy that a friend advised, then you should not restrain yourself. But it is important to remember that it is impossible to change cares daily (you can earn hypersensitivity). Also, do not wait for the effect of leaving the day after the start of its use.

Reason #6: product expired

On each package of the product there is an icon - an open jar with a number inside. This is the shelf life of a cosmetic product after the first opening. This is usually the number of months: from 3 to 12 (depending on the formula and packaging). If you first opened the cream six months ago (no matter why - just sniff or start the application), and the shelf life after opening is the same 6 months, then it is better to discard the remains.

The manufacturer no longer guarantees the safety and security of the formula, so trying to urgently use care is simply not safe. For example, a sunscreen that was opened last summer and left after a vacation, is better to throw out without regret if you are not going on vacation again in the next couple of months.

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