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How to understand that you are contraindicated to emigrate



Perhaps you sometimes think about leaving Russia forever. But emigration is not for everyone. Editor Evy.Ru, having learned emigration on her personal experience, made a list of points, eloquently saying that you should not leave your homeland. (Written with love, humor and care, and the decision is definitely yours).

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In recent years, many are leaving Russia. Someone goes to study and decides to stay, someone gets married, someone finds a job, someone just buys real estate and decides to retire. Perhaps you also thought about changing your country of residence.

We will not discourage you, we will tell you that there are people who can not be blamed for anything! They suffer in exile, complain about the lack of tomatoes, like their grandmothers, as well as the dominance of homosexuals and migrants. Here are the sure signs that you should stay in Russia and forget about the USA, Canada and Europe.

You look down on migrants

You see, after the move you will also find yourself a migrant, and why did you decide that you are a better migrant than a refugee from Syria? In general, tolerance and tolerance in general will have to work. Go to the next item.

More than anything you love Soviet cuisine

A sample of taste for you - Olivier, aspic and buckwheat. In this case, emigration will turn into an eternal search for ryazhenka or kissel, which will not be in your country of residence. You will dream of herring, and you will wake up in tears, even if fresh oysters are laid out around you and octopuses perform a delightful dance.

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You do not understand what feminism is

You condemn feminists, believing that these are the very women who do not shave their legs, do not use make-up and look like men. The feminist movement in the world is more than respectful, so you have to figure out what's what. Well, if you do not think that women and men should receive an equal salary or you believe that a woman has her own special energy, which she shares with a man, receiving material wealth for this, then you should not go anywhere. It is possible in Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates. In the US and Europe - do not, honestly.

You beat or spank children and you think it's normal

The logic “they beat me - and nothing” does not work in the legal space. If someone sees you hitting a child on the street, the person will immediately call custody, the neighbors can do the same if they suspect that you are not a very conscientious parent. In general, this applies to any domestic violence. For example, in Spain, if a wife complains about her husband, he will be immediately arrested. Yes, even moral violence will not go in vain - for constant insults, you can get instructions not to approach the victim and a serious fine.

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Do you think that foreigners are dimly dressed

And hairstyles, their hairstyles are unkempt! Yes, and almost not painted almost, and go to the light of day - without ink. Yes, the whole world is striding towards naturalness with great strides; there is no need to slow down progress.

You love to condemn

You know exactly who and how should act in what situation, how to dress and how to make a knixen. And your idea of ​​the world is the only true one, you do not miss the chance to teach someone life, still - you are the heir of the great Russian culture. Only now the culture of condemnation is no longer in vogue, everyone goes about their own business, and exactly the way they like it, and it is high time to keep the patterns “as it should be better” with them.

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You are a hypochondriac, you need to be constantly checked by a doctor.

The habit of often taking children to the clinic, donating blood and urine - just like that, for no apparent reason - is a purely Russian phenomenon. The healthcare system in the world is designed so that they go to the doctor only when they are sick. And for colds, nothing but paracetamol is prescribed. No, oxolinic ointment is also not given, because it does more harm than good.

You do not perceive gay

When you think that your son may be homosexual, your hair will stand on end. Sorry, in Europe, USA, Canada and other Australia you will have to face the fact that "these guys" hold their hands and kiss before your eyes. Because “the one who loves is right”. Moreover, they hold demonstrations, hang colorful flags, and the most audacious marry. Children in schools will say that a family with two mothers or two dads is perfectly normal. So, if you do not agree with this, stay at home, everything is quiet here, homosexuality is only under cover.

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You despise manual labor and all professions associated with it.

In emigration, it is impossible to be proud of a university degree, it does not interest anyone, and it does not cause any respect. Respect is caused by people who have a job. Any permanent job, even the most simple.

You do not know any language other than native

There is still a chance, but lack of interest in languages ​​indicates a lack of interest in other cultures. You can, of course, live in a Russian-speaking enclave, but this way you will never integrate into society and will not feel comfortable in a new country of residence.

Do you think that as soon as you go down the ramp, a new happy life will begin

No, it will not start, because we always take everything with us (what you think) with us!

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