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All shades of red: how to love red lipstick?


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Red lipstick is sensuality. Photo: depositphotos

Many women do not risk using lipstick in bright red shades. Some, because, it seems to them vulgar, others, because they consider such lipstick extravagant. But in fact, red lipstick is considered a classic color that allows you to look seductive and sensual. There are secrets of applying bright shades of lipstick on the lips, which will allow a woman to create a stunning image.

The Secret of 1. If you choose red lipstick for makeup, everything else should be moderately or even slightly muted. Eyes should be made up barely noticeable, without eyeliner. Use mascara, paint the lower lashes - they will visually make the look more open. Add some powder and rouge.
Mascara can be selected for hair color. For brunettes - black, for blondes and redheads - brown.

The Secret of 2. Red lipstick eats up the volume, so before applying lipstick, draw a contour with a lip pencil. Apply the lipstick itself without going beyond the pencil. If you have naturally thin lips, a pencil will help to visually increase the volume of the lips. The rule that a lip liner should match the color of lipstick is not always suitable for red shades.

Use a pencil, it visually adds volume. Photo: depositphotos

The Secret of 3. The color of lipstick should be selected depending on the skin color. If your complexion is pinkish, then you will suit red lipstick with a plum shade. If your complexion is yellowish, then choose warm shades of red with a brownish tint. Remember that the real shade of lipstick appears on the lips, so it is important to determine the hidden shade of lipstick.
The darker the complexion - the brighter and darker the lipstick can be. Avoid orange and peach shades.

The Secret of 4. If you dare to choose a bright red lip color, then remember that the color of your nail polish should be different, for example, light pastel or black, but in no case, not as red as your lips. Otherwise there will be a conflict. However, do not be afraid to add bright shades of red in accessories, jewelry or items of clothing.

Red lipstick may conflict with the same shade of varnish. Photo: depositphotos

The Secret of 5. Lipstick can be mixed. Try to combine together several different shades of red. It is possible that this is how you will achieve excellent results.
And if your lips are peeling or look not the best way due to bad weather or illness - then set aside the bright red color for a while.

Do not be afraid to experiment and try something new!

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