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How to clean white sneakers: 7 easy steps


Source: Good Housekeeping

Classic white sneakers are back in fashion. The most stylish way to wear them this spring is to pair them with a light, long sleeve midi dress. For the best effect, of course, it is necessary to keep the snow-white shoes clean. Here's how to do it without too much difficulty.

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There are several tricks to help you quickly clean sneakers and keep them white, writes Good Housekeeping.

STEP 1. Remove sticking dirt

Spring walks quite often end with the fact that you have to clean shoes from clods of adhering dirt. To do it right, let the dirt dry and then tap the sneakers together to shake off the largest clods. Take a non-sharp knife and clean the soles of the particularly stubborn lumps of dirt with its back side.

STEP 2. Soak shoelaces

Attention to the purity of laces significantly improve the look of your sneakers. Take them out of your shoes and leave in a strong solution of bleach or stain remover while you are cleaning your sneakers. When finished, rinse the laces and hang them to dry.

STEP 3. Cleanse the skin

You do not want to use aggressive materials on the leather surface - wipe the sneakers with a coarse all-purpose cloth and a solution of detergent. Resist the temptation to use a laundry detergent labeled “bio”: it can damage your skin; dishwashing liquid is fine. If your sneaker is seriously dirty, gently brush off the dirt with an old toothbrush. When the desired effect is achieved, remove the foam by wiping with a cloth dampened in warm water, and then remove the remaining moisture.

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STEP 4. Clean the sides

Take care of the sides of the soles and rubber socks when it comes to sneakers. If they are smooth, enough cloth and a solution of a mild detergent. If the rubber is textured, use the old toothbrush again.

STEP 5. Let dry

Turn the tongues of the sneakers out and let them dry naturally. If the inside of the shoes has become damp, fold the crumpled newspapers there and leave them for the night. Then remove the newspaper and leave the sneakers to dry further.

STEP 6. Use protective spray

As soon as you put your shoes in order, apply a store-bought spray that protects against stains.

STEP 7. Fix up scuffs

If your shoes are worn in some places, use a special shoe bleach to hide scratches. From time to time the procedure will have to be repeated.

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