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How to eat in the winter, not to get better in the spring: proven tips


Source: Today

When it gets cold outside, the body tries to keep warm and loses more calories. Therefore, as doctors say, increased appetite is a common attempt to make up energy.

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Nutritionists advise to listen to this desire, and even warn: who does not increase the portion - at risk of falling ill. That's just to eat it is not sweet, writes Today.

Increase the portion should be reasonable. Experts have calculated: if a person weighs 50 kg, his daily protein intake is 50 g. They can be obtained by consuming meat, fish, eggs, cereals and fermented milk products. Consumption of these dishes should be increased by 20%.

But, if you got up on the scales and at the turn of the seasons, you saw that you didn’t get better on kilogram 1-2, but on 3-5 - this is an alarm bell. Then you should immediately review your diet. Often, excess weight appears under stress, Ukrainians try to seize it, so to speak.

In order not to add kilograms at the waist, doctors advise not to abuse carbohydrates, and this is a variety of cakes and sweet fruits. If there are them, then only until 12 hours of the day.

Many people complain that they are trying to lose weight, but it does not work. Perhaps it’s all about the type of feeder they belong to. Dr. Olga Raz (RD, PhD), Head of the Department of Clinical Dietetics, Ariel University, Israel, told, how to lose weight by determining your 'type of eater'.

People differ in different ways, including how they eat. Not everyone eats the same thing, and not everyone gets fat from the same foods. Based on her work experience as a clinical nutritionist, Olga made a classification of people according to how they eat.

If you pay attention to your type, this is already an achievement. From this point you can begin to change lifestyle.

In any case, regardless of what kind of eater you are, if a meal begins to present a problem, it must be solved, and you should turn to a nutritionist. All in your hands.

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