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How to transfer the family to proper nutrition, so that they do not notice



We tell how to pick up the trend for a healthy diet, without adding stress to yourself and your family (especially if it feeds tender feelings to pasta in a naval and grandmother's pies).

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Take away all that is out of sight

In many families, there is a tradition to constantly keep “something for tea” on the table. When sweets and harmful snacks constantly loom before our eyes, it is very difficult to resist: we eat them without even thinking and not feeling hunger or pleasure from what we eat. However, three or four cookies are already extra 150 — 200 calories and no less than 15 — 20 grams of sugar (and the daily rate for an adult is about 40 grams), writes

Try to leave on the table only a basket with low-calorie fruits: oranges, apples, kiwi. By the way, it is also better to remove the sugar bowl away, since many people put sugar into tea simply out of habit.

Use less salt

Salt retains water, causing swelling, kidney disease, hypertension and worsening the work of the cardiovascular system. A healthy diet in the first place involves not so much weight loss as a general improvement in health and body strengthening.

Therefore, salt should be used carefully. No need to abandon it altogether, it is enough to minimize the products in which there is a lot of salt - any canned food, smoked meats, snacks like chips, freeze-dried soups and mashed potatoes.

Change your diet gradually

People tend to instinctively resist abrupt changes, so changing the diet - yours and home - you need to smoothly: without refusing to fry at all, start frying vegetables in a grill pan or bake fish in the oven - so you reduce the consumption of vegetable oil, without sacrificing taste. Start small: try to make at least one meal a day useful and balanced.

No frills are needed - choose what everyone in the family already likes: for example, stuffed peppers, azu in Tatar style or beef under a cheese crust. In order not to overdo it with calories and maintain a balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, try to start with the delivery of all the ingredients for a perfect dinner in a special service, you will bring a box with all the necessary ingredients and five photoreceptors for simple dinners for the whole family.

So you will be sure that your dinner on 100% is useful, and you will master a new dish, and as soon as you get into the taste of healthy food, you can already show imagination while cooking yourself.

The right food is in third place in the ranking of factors that can affect your well-being - it is only the ability to withstand emotional stress and physical education that overtake it.

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Choose cereal bread

Today, it is often even tastier than white, and the choice is huge: whole grain breads, germinated grain bread, bran buns, spicy grain herbs and herbs. Such bread contains much more vitamins and fiber, and white bread is “empty” calories that carry almost no nutritional value.

Take into account the tastes of home

If the husband does not think about dinner without a piece of meat, and the children together shout “beeee”, seeing a plate of porridge, you can hardly convince them to change their tastes. So the preferences need to adapt. Low-fat meat, unlike bacon, is rich in proteins and is very useful: diet roast beef with potato Gremolata is the least reminder of the severe restrictions in the name of health. And children will more favorably treat homemade muesli or pancakes with cottage cheese cream and berries rich in vitamins than oatmeal on water and without salt.

Even an obstinate teen can be bribed with a homemade burger with a steak roasted in a grill pan. Actually, having made a menu taking into account the tastes of each family member, you can not even tell your family that they now eat properly. After all, the main thing - it is delicious.

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