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How to stop worrying and start living: sources of anxiety in your home


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Do not overestimate the role of housing in your state of mental well-being. Readers' Digest offers to find out how your home affects your anxiety. Expert Jessica Helps, founder of an interior design company, will help us with this. Wolfe id.

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What makes an environment unhealthy? Poorly purified air and water, unpleasant odors, too strong acoustics. Our mood is influenced by the quality as well as the quantity of furniture and accessories. It is uncomfortable in too cramped interiors, in an uncomfortable chair, in a dark and gloomy space, with a lack of natural light, lively greenery and natural elements in the interior. Decor elements - color, texture, palette - act on the biological and psychological levels. In a room filled with noise stimuli, bright colors and an excess of artificial light, more adrenaline is produced - and tension increases.

The decorating expert encourages you to focus on the selection of lighting fixtures and their proper location. Make sure that there is as much natural light as possible in the house or apartment during the day, and take care of total darkness at night. Install shade curtains and blinds to control this issue. If you need to leave the light on at night, install nightlights with the most muted yellow light. For evening relaxation, buy lamps with warm diffused light, imitating the sunset and having the function of dimming.

Space and order
To reduce psychological discomfort, you can use special tricks. Add mirrors and light coatings on the walls - this visually expands the space. Take care of the organizers and cabinets: the fewer things on the surfaces, the calmer the perceived environment. Choose a floor that is painted in medium tones: too light can be easily soiled, and dark shrinks the space.

Healthy food
For many women, the most important room in the house is the kitchen, where everything is thought out for calm and safe cooking and eating. Water filters, acoustically insulated kitchen panels, antimicrobial countertops, fresh flowers, and properly sized refrigerators are all elements of a healthy space that feels good and comfortable to be in.

Home gym
Exercise is a good cure for anxiety. Where is your machine or home gym located? Many US residents organize it in the basement, but the design expert calls for a more “homey” room by placing exercise equipment and a yoga area in the residential segment. Use indirect light sources to avoid dazzling you while you are in the cobra pose.

Of course, working from home is convenient - but only if this is your office. One way or another, many have to bring work home, and these are completely different emotions. Arrange in the work area things that you like and do not distract. There is no specific advice here: experiment and you will find what you like. The main thing is good soft light, a wide table and a comfortable chair.

And some more useful tips:

  • add natural decor to the interior (stone, wood, pebbles);
  • add more green details;
  • use live plants - you can choose simple varieties that do not require complex care.

“Your home is like your body,” says Jessica Helps. - You need to take care of him, and it always helps to feel better, happier and more confident. The very process of making changes in the house is a good practice to improve your state of mind. "

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