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How to come on a tourist visa in the United States and stay?


A tourist visa reveals to you all the splendor of America: canyons, waterfalls, deserts, mountains, sights and wonderful cities. But only for half a year - further stay in the country is considered illegal and punishable by law. But what if you love all this so much that you don't want to leave at all? Can you extend your stay in the country, or stay permanently?

Get a visa, come, stay))) But seriously, what is written below is not an instruction and not a guide to action! Everyone has their own head, their own situation, and it's up to you whether you need it or not!

San Francisco Chinatown. Photos from the personal archive.

To be honest, I am surprised by people who come on a tour, stay illegally and do nothing else, working at some leftist job for cash with a wage lower than the minimum, and barely making ends meet! How do you manage to live the rest of your life in such a position, how do you have enough emotional strength not to become discouraged? Do you really not want to live in the future like a normal person - with a stable income and freedom of movement, not only within the United States, but also abroad? Is it really impossible to read various forums, call immigration lawyers and outline the path of legalization for yourself, if you have already decided on this step.

Probably, I won't discover America if I say that the most popular way of legalization after arriving on a tourist visa is political asylum. Sounds scary? Yeah, it didn't even occur to me before moving here. But already being here, I realized that sooooo many people stay like that every year!
What is it this way? For me, difficult.

4 December 2015, 8 AM. The three of us are standing in front of the US Embassy and are awaiting our further fate. Photos from the personal archive

✓ You need to find a competent lawyer who will lead your case to the very end and give him $ 6-8 thousand for the services rendered. What is included in the service is sending / receiving various documents, writing a legend, why you are applying for asylum, communication and correspondence with all sorts of organizations, and all kinds of consultations.

And where is he, this end, is also unknown. I know only one thing: you will receive the SSN and work permit approximately in 9-12 months after you have started the process of legalization. Up to this point you are legally prohibited from working in the United States.

✓ Further, until a court decision - and ideally a Green Card - you cannot come home. Or rather, you can try, but you will never return back. Your relatives are also unlikely to be allowed in to you, since the embassy no longer has any guarantees that the relatives will not go the same way.

✓ Well, the court ... it will take place in about 3-5 years, and all this time you will be in limbo! Also, neither a lawyer nor your situation will ever give you full guarantees that you will win the case and become the proud owner of the Green Card. Everything will depend on your case and, probably, on the “coolness” of the lawyer. Otherwise, you will be deported back with an entry ban for the rest of your life!

Therefore, those who think in their own country, and not try it, approach this matter seriously, weigh the pros and cons, so you don’t go crazy with hopelessness here, and save lots and lots of money! Well, those who are already here and waiting for something, do not wait! Only active actions will help here!

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