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How to distinguish a good hostess from a slut: the first thing that guests look


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Sometimes guests come at the most unexpected moment. In a hurry, you set the table and you can forget about the little things that will immediately catch the eye of those who enter your house. We tell you what you should pay attention to:

Unpleasant odor

The first thing that any person will pay attention to is an unpleasant smell in an apartment, writes Womanhit. It can be caused by anything from a blockage in the sewage system to a “leaking” refrigerator. If for you, the permanent "inhabitant" of the house, he may become habitual, then the guest will definitely not leave him unattended. To avoid such a problem, we recommend installing automatic air fresheners in the hallway and toilet, and also put aromatic sachets in cabinets.

Dirty floor

Passed into the room in the shoes, accidentally spilled juice and forgot to wipe - the reasons can be many. It is difficult to maintain the cleanliness of the floor, especially if there are young children in the house who still strive to spill or spill something. A robot vacuum cleaner will be your loyal assistant: it will clean the floor in less than an hour. You will need to wipe it with a damp cloth moistened with detergent.

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Mirror prints

Curious children look at themselves in the mirror with interest - as a result, fingerprints remain on them, which are not so easy to erase. Do not forget to regularly clean the mirrors with a cleaning agent and polish with a dry cloth so that there are no stains.

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It is difficult to imagine a house without indoor plants. However, we all often forget to care for them - to water, cut off dry leaves and flowers. To help advise you to buy inexpensive devices - automatic watering for flowers. They are installed in a pot, water is poured into the tank, which gradually pours into the soil.

Dinner table

Do not forget to update the tablecloth and napkins on the table, especially if your household likes to make sandwiches directly on the table. Make it a rule: after each meal, wipe the table with a damp cloth, removing dirt and sweeping crumbs. Then the dining table will always be clean.

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Some housewives forget to regularly flush the toilet, so the bezel is often dirty. Pour the cleaner in and leave it on 10 — 15 minutes while cleaning in other rooms. Then wipe the surface with a brush and rinse with water.

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