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How to dress in America and how to immediately see "our"

Nina Zotova



The main difference, in terms of family budget, is that it is cheaper to dress here. This item of expenditure is not at the top of the family budget, unlike in Russia. The clothes are of high quality, mostly branded, and at the same time the prices for them are affordable for people with different budgets. There is a secret: if you want to buy even cheaper, order everything via the Internet. This gives even greater savings to the budget, since in malls, even for shares it is more expensive. And if you are indifferent to the relevance of the collection, then many things can be bought with even a 70% discount.

This is also true for children's clothing. In Russia, prices are usually just space.

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How do Americans dress? In short, it is convenient. Our location is probably the most dynamic in the world, people move around a lot during the day, so shoes are always comfortable, practical and clothes in style casual... Of course, many people are dressed in a business style, because many of them are office workers, managers. But here it does not bother anyone at all that after a working day, being in a suit, a man or woman will put on shoes that are in disharmony with the general appearance, the main thing is comfortable.

Another interesting feature: very often, shoes are an order of magnitude lighter in season than outerwear. For example, a woman in a down jacket and shoes (ballet shoes) is a very common image.

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We may not be accustomed to the climate yet, but we always dress warmer than the locals (although it should be clearly the opposite). Children in general often sit in strollers only in socks, sometimes they are dressed lighter than adults. A child walking in a T-shirt at a temperature of +12, +15 is a very frequent occurrence.

New York is a city where you can meet a person, almost with a boot on his head, of course I'm exaggerating, but there are very interesting bows. The most fashionable (as from the future), according to my observations, are people of Asian appearance (Japanese, Koreans).

I would like to note such an aspect as the ethics of clothing - the rejection of natural materials. Natural fur, natural leather are not worn here. It's out of fashion, out of date! I very much support and approve of this.

And if I see a man in a fur coat, guess what language he speaks?

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