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How to equip a studio apartment: the advice of a resident of New York



When you move to New York or any other major city, rental prices severely limit the choice of an apartment, or rather, its size. But imagine, you can set up a studio so conveniently, even the smallest one, that you don’t want to move! Makeitinny prove it with the example of a friend who will share her 10 years of experience in a studio apartment of 31 square. m in the east 69 st. and 2 Avenue.

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I would never have thought that I would live in a studio of 10 for years, but I'd rather have one room in New York than 10 - in any other city. Sometimes I think of moving to a two-room apartment, but then I understand: I want to tear down the wall and make one big room - it seems to me that so many special moments happened to friends in this apartment, because we were all in the same room.

This is how I learned to live happily in the studio.

1. Storeroom - the key to happiness

Whenever possible, put things in boxes and keep away to avoid clutter.

Pantry - the best option. To use more space, be careful with the organizers for the cabinets: if they are not used carefully, they will take even more space. And ordinary shoeboxes take up little space and can be folded more tightly to make better use of space.

Things for traveling fold into a suitcase and store them there - and so it is more convenient to pack for a quick vacation.

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I also advise large rag bags, they fit a lot, and they can also be marked for convenience. They are more convenient to move during cleaning, as they are made of cloth, they will not take up much space in a small closet. They are great to store magazines or books.

When you do not cook, store the dishes in the oven - there are fixed shelves in it that provide more space (just remember to remove everything before cooking!).

A cabinet with a built-in sink instead of a washstand-rack will save space in the bathroom.


2. Chic, clean and stylish design

The apartment should have aesthetics. Experiment with colors and accessories, don't be afraid to use them. Design elements on mansions only. If you do not have enough lockers, make a decorative rack for storage, let the place be both functional and beautiful.

Many unusual things, such as vintage handbags, shoes and scarves can be practical pieces of art. A small space can be more lush.

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3. Buy multipurpose furniture

My single bed is a platform with two drawers under it. When I helped a friend with her first apartment in New York, I advised the same bed, only a double. It turned out that the 4 drawers beneath her hold more than a wardrobe - so she freed up a lot of space in the room.

Storage boxes can also turn into puffs and stools for extra seats.

4. Forget about the screens, better choose a piece of art.

Let art divide the zones of the room, not the partitions. Screens limit space and interfere with the flow of good energy in the apartment. Objects of art as a selection of zones will make the studio more spacious and open.

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5. Be organized to the maximum

When the storage room and drawers are crammed to capacity, it’s time to clear the rubble.

Often you will find there lost treasures, for example, the handbag from BURBERRY, which has already been forgotten.

In a small apartment there is often no place to store trinkets, as it can be done in a large one. Every day, disassemble mail, paper, and laundry, too, should be regular. When the routine is established, you will understand that you spend your time more productively (as well as the space in the apartment).

6. Choose a convenient area to shop when needed

When it comes to shopping for an apartment, the closer the better. An ideal option is a shop and a pharmacy 5 minutes from the house. Then you can buy everything as needed.

Every time before going to the store, I check all the lockers and make a list. I never buy something in double volume. It is better to walk again in the week, if something ends.

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7. Buy only what you like and use often.

When you live a couple of years in a small apartment, you start buying only what you really like or need. If I don't like something, I throw it away or give it to someone who needs it.

I noticed that since I live in the same room, buying quality, not quantity, in the long run saves money. In addition, life in one of the most stylish cities in the world is a nice bonus. It is better to buy one pair Manolothan 12 pairs average shoes.

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8. Use every square centimeter

It's not about the amount of space, but about its functionality. Use every square. cm.

Most people use mostly 20% at home. I use 80% of my home daily. The whole room is operated during the day. I sleep on one side and watch TV on the other.

Many have a guest room, empty until that old friend arrives once a year. Or a room filled with things that no one uses, and it is not even needed. I believe in a simpler life.

9. Compare Prices

When I start to envy other apartments and think about moving to a more spacious place, I discuss it with friends who live in large apartments, and I quickly understand that their rent and bills are much higher than mine. The smaller the space, the less waste. I open my accounts without fear.

10. Travel as often as your schedule and budget allows.

I leave the city at least 5 once a year and most often on the 1-2 week, as my schedule allows. This is a pleasant and useful change of place.

Friends love to stay in my apartment. I have friends in other states with 2-3 guest rooms, and no one is left with them. People stop at my 4-7 once a year, and many people remember my studio with more warmth than their home, considering my apartment as their New York "haven". It quickly reminds me that my piece of paradise in Manhattan is a true oasis, regardless of size.

As you can see, no mansions are needed to conveniently equip a home and be happy with it. Especially when you're in New York.

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