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How to trick the feeling of hunger: 5 proven tricks



The closer the holidays, the harder we go on diets to look perfect at a family celebration or a party in honor of the New Year and Christmas. Are you losing weight too? Find out how you can fool hunger when dieting, with comfort and not overeating.

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Going on a diet, many girls face the painful question: how to deceive the feeling of hunger? After all, beauty is beauty, and laudable impulses in striving for harmony and sophistication, but I want to eat! offers helpful tips on how to fool your hunger and resist the temptation to eat during a diet.

1. How to trick hunger with frequent meals

Repeated meals with small portions will help to kill the appetite. It is better to eat a little and often, up to 5-6 once a day, than to keep 2-3 meals mode. At the same time comes a feeling of fullness, and the stomach does not stretch.

2. How to trick the feeling of hunger at bedtime

A glass of unsweetened tea, uzvara, herbal broth or even plain water with the addition of lemon juice will help to dull the feeling of hunger, which many of us sin just before bedtime.

3. How to visually fool the feeling of hunger

A tricky psychological maneuver is to choose small dishes for meals. Thanks to this simple deception of view, it will seem to you that the plate is full. And when you empty it, you must eat.

4. How to trick hunger with color

Warm shades of reds, oranges and yellows whet the appetite, while greens and blues are mildly soothing. Therefore, reconsider the design of your kitchen, room, workplace and avoid such provocative colors during the diet.

5. How to trick the feeling of hunger with the help of smell

It is believed that some flavors help reduce appetite. So try to make friends with cinnamon, vanilla and coffee. You can even chew a little bit of coffee or a pinch of ground cinnamon. But the spices, whetting appetite, better yet hide away.

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