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How to customize eggs for Easter and entertain children?


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Easter eggs. Photo: depositphotos

The tradition to paint eggs before Easter brings the whole family together. Come up with new ways to decorate love both adults and children. And each year before the holiday you want something beautiful, unusual. Here are some recipes that will delight you and especially your children, because they can become the main designers of Easter eggs.

1. With the help of multi-colored tape

You will need several different tapes with which you can paste over ordinary white eggs to your liking. Experiment!

2. With the help of "decoupage"

You will need napkins with a pattern, glue. Cut out the pattern from the napkin, apply glue on the egg and gently press the napkin. Top can be covered with another layer of glue. Instead of glue, you can use raw protein.

3. Colored stripes

You will need rubber glue and food coloring. Brush apply glue strips to the eggs, then dip into the food coloring. Let it dry. Then remove the glue and paint new stripes and dip into the paint again. Repeat several times.

4. Eggs Fruits

You will need glue, multi-colored food colors and sliced ​​double-sided paper. In a water with a dye, add a spoonful of vinegar and drop eggs there. Then remove and allow to dry. Then glue the paper, the edges of the petals on which glue is applied, bend inward. Doing the same with other eggs. Collect a basket of fruits and vegetables.

5. Hipster Eggs

You will need live or dried flowers, wool or twine. Make a bouquet and tie it to a beautiful egg.

6. Polka Dot Eggs

You will need food coloring and foil. You can use round stickers on a plastic base, such as used in scrapbooking. Glue the circles tightly and evenly throughout the egg. Then dip the eggs in the dye. Let it dry. Carefully remove the stickers.

7. Egg family

You will need colored or wrapping paper, paints, or a marker. Glue a support of colored paper in the shape of a cut cone (skirt) or tube (trousers). Draw funny faces - and your egg family is ready.

And do not forget about the egg hunt!

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