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How not to retreat from healthy lifestyle: personal experience and life hacks


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We all want to be slim and healthy, but there are so many temptations around! How to find your motivation "Domashny Ochag" told the popular healthy lifestyle blogger Natasha Davydova (@tetyamotya).

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Listen to yourself and identify motives

Over the years, I have repeatedly made the decision about a new life “from Monday.” There were many reasons for this. It so happened that I did not like how the new dress looked on me, and I instantly sat on some very popular diet.

Subsequently, she was glad about the lost kilograms, but all of them necessarily returned to their "hardened" - literally - places. Then I experimented with diets "for the company." Best friends learned about new methods of losing weight, and I again immediately rushed into the pool of another super diet.

It is not surprising that the result was repeated: a few weeks after the end of the course, we together returned to their previous forms.

Sport was also present in my life for a long time, two or three trainings a week always calmed my conscience.

I tried to change, took steps, but it all came down to the same result.

From my own experience I was convinced that the right motivation is the most powerful engine of any process of all invented by humanity. My new and harmonious life began exactly when I determined my priorities - the health of my whole family and my own. Why do you want to lose weight and maintain weight?

My main mistake was that I had not only a clearly defined goal, but also motives for it. Of course, I wanted to lose weight, I wanted to adjust the shape and look good, but why did I need this? For the sake of a beautiful dress? No, it was all very shallow!

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Make a clear plan and follow it

If you set your priorities and still feel the urge to pull yourself together, make friends with sports, improve the quality of your body and your life, then I advise you to start acting right today, without putting off everything for tomorrow.

Set aside a sandwich and don’t wait for Monday to become the best version of yourself!

Make a schedule, study the needs and characteristics of your body, determine the site for classes (at home or the gym), clearly indicate the time of classes and unload your refrigerator! A floating chart is the first step to nowhere! It is very important to have clear instructions, an action plan that will become your guide! Strictly adhering to this plan is the key to success!

Choose delicious food and sports that bring pleasure.

You will have to start cooking, even if before you did not like or did not know how to do it. Believe me, when you make an irrevocable decision to take care of your body and health, the opportunities and time for this will appear by themselves. It took me about six months to develop reinforced concrete awareness and get used to a new lifestyle.

It’s not easy at all to radically revise your eating habits and one day give up sweets and other “tasty harmful things”.

I walked towards this gradually, increasingly adding healthy foods to the diet, and I succeeded. It turned out that proper nutrition can be incredibly tasty, and sports can be fun! Not only conscious nutrition, but also sport has become an integral part of my life. Sport is now a new medicine. We go to training, not only to bring our body in perfect shape, but also so that we don’t go to the doctor later. The main thing is to choose the types of activity that you really like. Try different things, do not be afraid to experiment and do not be lazy. Believe me, when you see the results of your sports, you will not want to stop. Fitness will become another of your favorite and integral habit.

I admit honestly: I'm a terrible sweet tooth, but in a string. I will not hide, I practice useful cheat codes that I allow myself once a week. It is always only one product, but the most beloved and long-awaited. At the very beginning of my journey, I allowed myself a slice of the “Kiev” cake or honey cake, now I switched to cupcakes and desserts made from walnut flour with stevia. This does not knock me out of the system and does not allow me to fall back into the abyss of sugar addiction. Chitmil helps reduce the likelihood of a breakdown.

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My favorite life hacks

Instagram When I need to get a boost of new motivation, I openly open Instagram, from the pictures of which sports girls are smiling at me. These photos seem to say: “Get ready, you have something to strive for, you will succeed!”

Visualization. Of course, the true happiness of every woman is not in a flat stomach and taut priest, but with beautiful perfect forms in the life of each of us, more and more pleasures appear. Imagine: you no longer have to hide your body! You will love open swimwear again, stop restricting yourself in choosing the style or length of clothes, and, most importantly, more and more often you will catch the admiring glances of your beloved man. The taste of life will definitely become more intense and vibrant!

A good night's sleep. Many of us underestimate the effect of sleep on the body. It seems that we are young, the resources of health are inexhaustible. However, lack of sleep wears out the adrenal glands, which, in turn, cease to produce important hormones. It hits energy levels and sex hormones, actively starting the aging process. “So what is needed for sleep to be healing and restorative?” You ask me. Lie down in one day, and wake up in another. With age, the amount of melatonin decreases significantly, which negatively affects the quality of sleep. In order to increase it naturally, it is necessary:

  • Sleep in complete darkness and without gadgets in the bedroom.
  • Sleep in a cool room, preferably below + 22 ° C, so that the lymph does not stagnate at night.
  • Sleeping with a loved one has a very positive effect on overall health, as there is an exchange of hormones. During hugs, the level of the pleasure hormone oxytocin rises.
  • Choosing the right mattress and pillow for the health of the back, neck improves the functioning of the blood and lymph flow.
  • The phase of deep sleep should not be interrupted by night pilgrimages to the toilet. The reasons for such rises may be in the use of excess fluid at bedtime or in low testosterone levels (including in women). The problem of night awakenings is better not to start and solve in a timely manner, otherwise the body will not be able to recover at night.

How to love sports?

So that sport does not become a compulsion for you, think about which particular sport brings you pleasure, and alternate it with the necessary. Focus on your emotional state after your workout. During classes, endorphins are produced - hormones of happiness. Anyway, what could be better than throwing away all the negativity from a busy day at the gym or jogging and returning as a completely happy person with enlightened thoughts.

Often, already having a good result, we break down, get upset by this and do not return for a long time to training and eating right. Therefore, it is necessary to allow yourself the so-called cheat-mile - when you eat what you want, albeit harmful, but once a week, and not on a regular basis. So it will be easier to maintain the PP mode - after all, “once I really want to” does not exactly affect the result critically.

PP can be loved. true

Think about the dishes you love. Want some cheesecakes? No problem, cook, but with goat milk. If you want meat, take a good lean tenderloin from a trusted farmer, but put on a plate a small piece generously seasoned with herbs and vegetables. Diversify the diet - there are a lot of useful products, and the number of dishes is simply amazing. Discover new spices, new herbs, mix.

Eat slowly, enjoy, not in a hurry. And most importantly - do not think that you are limiting yourself to something, and do not take it as a cruel diet.

Yes, the restructuring of the diet is a complex and not always comfortable process, but pay attention to how your taste buds and those dishes that previously did not cause strong gastronomic delight change, will begin to play with brighter colors every day.

How to motivate yourself for a morning run or a trip to the gym?

Remember how you were in the period when you were completely satisfied. When jeans were fastened with a flick of the wrist, when wearing an open swimsuit was a joy. Hang a photo of that self or just a picture of the perfect, in your opinion, body in the corner of the mirror and every day compare with what you are today. Enjoy the progress, praise yourself for every right step, but don’t have to swear a lot if you move away from the course. Does that sound corny? It is possible, but life seems complicated, but much simpler than it really is. As soon as you decide on a goal, you will be able to understand by which bricks you can collect the road to the desired.

Read the right literature

In order to consciously and purposefully follow the path of internal and external transformation, it is very important to receive information only from correct and reliable sources. The scientifically proven and substantiated facts of leading world experts are convincing for me, therefore I often recommend the books of the world-famous neurologist, nutrition specialist David Perlmutter, Intestines and Brain, Food and Brain, and Joseph Markel, The Dietary Cell , Mark Hyman's “Sugar Trap”, William Davis's “Wheat Kilos”.

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