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How not to be mistaken when buying things in mass markets



The season of fabulous promotions and sales is in full swing. Every fashionista is looking forward to her finest hour in order to go shopping and replenish her wardrobe as soon as possible. However, you have to be careful! The sales period is the most insidious time for an unprepared buyer. You can get confused and buy completely unnecessary things in no time.

Photo: Shutterstock I prepared for you a detailed educational program that will help you during your shopping trips and will make your shopping productive, interesting, and most importantly - useful.

When the store shelves from top to bottom are stuffed with things with red price tags, it's hard to resist. And there is hardly a woman of fashion who quietly passes between rails and leaves without shopping. In this case, there is a danger to buy too much, so always make a list of what you want to buy. When you have a plan, it will be harder for you to get off, and the probability of collecting unnecessary things will decrease.

From theory to practice

When choosing shoes you should be very attentive. We do not recommend buying “hits” of mass market stores that can be seen on every counter. We explain why: much more is invested in marketing such things than in their production. Consequently, such a pair of shoes will serve considerably less than the laconic boots forgotten by everyone, which lie on the top shelf in the store.

It is on such shoes that you should pay attention: a classic design, a material that is dense to the touch and a well-sewn sole. By the way, prices for such inconspicuous, as it seems to you, models may be higher than the rest of the assortment, but they, as a rule, are a high-quality and worthy product that is worth buying.


When choosing things from knitwear, always look at the tag with the composition of the fabric and remember them in your hand. If a thing quickly takes on its natural appearance, then it is worth buying, and if after such a procedure the product remains very wrinkled, then the road is back to the rail.

Give preference to things made of 80% cotton, viscose, as well as a mixture of wool and synthetics in a ratio of 20% to XNUMX% - such sweaters and scarves will not roll, shed, and it will be much easier to care for them.


Admit that it is difficult to choose the "wrong" down jacket. But to make a mistake when choosing a coat is very simple! The most important thing is, of course, to pay attention to the material from which it is made. The composition of the product should be a minimum of synthetics. Trust your feelings: the material should be dense in structure and pleasant to the touch.

Model design is also important. As a rule, color details and prints on things from the mass market look very cheap. Therefore, give preference to classic design and base colors - this is definitely a win-win option.

Bags and Accessories

Bags and accessories are designed to complete your look, so it’s worth considering choosing these important parts very carefully. However, it is sometimes very difficult to find quality models in mass market stores. The choice of bags and accessories at affordable prices, unfortunately, is limited. Nevertheless, it is enough to follow several rules in order not to be mistaken with the choice and then not to regret the purchase.

First, pay attention to the accessories. The best option is its absence. This is again due to the fact that lightning and locks in mass-market stores quickly fail, and the decor in the form of feathers, rhinestones and sequins quickly loses its original appearance. Other accessories this also applies.

Secondly, the bright design of such models is unlikely to organically fit into your image. Excessive embellishment always looks cheap.

Enjoy your shopping and new stylish looks!

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