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How not to lose weight: 10 dangerous mistakes


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After the holidays, do not recognize yourself in the mirror, but does the herring under a fur coat and Olivier dream in nightmares? Do not worry - the tips of the best healthy lifestyles experts and doctors will help to avoid mistakes in losing weight and find motivation.

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  • Oksana Matiyuk, Dietitian

Error #1: you confuse thirst with hunger

Referring to the statistics: 80% wanting to profit by something tasty, in fact, just want to drink, writes Beauty hack. Scientists from Washington even conducted an experiment - investigated the habits of people waking up at night because of feelings of hunger. The participants in the experiment were asked to drink a glass of water, and if hunger did not pass after 15 minutes, they were allowed to eat. The results showed that most of them didn’t touch the food.

The similarity of the desire to eat and drink is due to the fact that the saturation center in the brain is located directly opposite the center responsible for thirst.

Therefore, if after the holidays you often open the refrigerator in search of food, try instead drinking 200 milliliters of water and analyze your feelings after a while.

Drinking too much fluid in the hope of losing weight is also a mistake. The norm in the cold season - 0,7-1,2 liters per day, and a nutritionist will help determine a more accurate dose.

Error No.2: you completely refuse coffee and tea

After the holidays, many people deny themselves the pleasure of drinking a cup of tea or coffee, for fear of the diuretic effect and dehydration. In fact, this myth was dispelled back in the 1928 year - then the study showed that even four cups of coffee a day would not lead to a diuretic effect. And dehydration is caused by products that increase the outflow of fluid from the body - on this basis, water can also be counted among them. The relationship between urination and dehydration is greatly exaggerated.

If you play sports, one cup of coffee (drunk no later than half an hour before a workout) will help to burn more fat - productivity will increase significantly.

But those who want to lose weight are not interested in coffee and tea: caffeine causes insulin to be released into the bloodstream, which provokes a more active promotion of food through the gastrointestinal tract. The body will quickly feel hunger, so everything is good in moderation.

  • Natalia Zubareva, Dietitian, Member of the National Society of Dietitians

Error #3: you are abusing workouts

A common mistake for newcomers to the gym is to train muscles. For the body to recover, at the very beginning there are enough 3-4 workouts per week. And it is important to reasonably combine strength and cardio training to achieve the perfect figure.

Muscles - this is a substance that has the property of hypertrophy (volume increase). In an attempt to quickly burn all the excess, we load it: as a result, microcracks are formed - this is a little stress for the body.

Immediately increases the total amount of blood flow to the muscles, their fiber increases, and they become heavy. Through the month of 2-3, processes are getting better, and we start to lose weight. Therefore, it is not necessary to be afraid of gaining muscle mass - it is almost impossible to make it quickly.

Error No.4: you only hope for a diet

Of course, you can lose weight due to a balanced diet, but if we are talking about the quality of the body, there should be physical activity.

There is a minimum in order to be healthy - you need to go 7 thousands of steps a day (on average, we go 2-3 thousands).

To lose weight at the same time, you need to train 3-4 once a week for at least 40 minutes.

  • Alla Ponimatkina, Certified Nutritionist

Error №5: you sit on the mono-diet

Girls often sit on monodiets (they eat, for example, only buckwheat or vegetables) in order to lose weight quickly after the holidays and the endless feast. But firstly, such nutrition cannot be called balanced - that is, the body does not receive enough proteins, fats and carbohydrates (without them you cannot lose weight). And secondly, if the weight goes away, it is only due to the muscles - again, due to an insufficient amount of protein. Therefore, when we "get off" from the diet, the weight quickly returns.

Another minus monodiet - it's breakdowns. You will not be able to sit for a long time on one product - as a rule, it lasts no more than a week.

Error №6: you are interested in detox

Detox diets, like mono-diets, do not have any benefit for losing weight and, in general, for a healthy person, because food will be unbalanced. That is, protein and slow carbohydrates are completely excluded. The human body will not get enough of its important substances, and therefore you will not last long on detox diets.

If you still want to try a detox, make yourself one “cleansing” day - and no more than once a week, and at other times just stick to the proper diet.

  • Polina Vysotskaya, trainer, nutritionist

Error #7: you are missing dinner

During the holidays, did you eat late and not eating well and think that giving up dinner would help you get in shape quickly? This delusion is caused by old myths about food after six or just personal speculation.

Fasting in the evening is definitely not worth it!

The ideal dinner for your digestive system is thermally processed vegetables, a light protein product (white meat or fish) and a small side dish (like bulgur or buckwheat). For losing weight is the best option.

Error №8: you replace dinner with kefir

The most frequent problem for me, as for the coach. The girl, coming from work and training, replaces dinner with a glass of kefir. Kefir briefly gives a feeling of fullness, and you go to bed hungry. This drink can be drunk before bedtime, but in no case do not replace them dinner.

If you drink kefir to improve digestion in addition to the main meal, remember: the benefits for the intestine are only in fresh kefir (that is, you opened it today).

"Yesterday" kefir, on the contrary, "strengthens". However, people with high acidity, gastritis and ulcers need just such and in very limited quantities.

  • Julia Ushakova, bodyfitness world champion

Error No.9: you avoid fat

The word "fats" need to love. Correct polysaturated fats in nuts, flaxseed and olive oil, egg yolks and dairy products trigger the desired fat metabolism.

If we do not recruit the necessary fats in the morning, then we want a sweet in the evening.

A fascination with low-fat products, by contrast, can badly affect the work of the brain, heart and blood vessels. If you like low-fat cottage cheese or kefir, simply add to the diet other foods containing fats. These can be fatty fish, beef, nuts or avocados. As for dairy products, the 5% fat content is quite acceptable if you are trying to lose weight after the holidays.

  • Natalie Makienko, member of the National Society of Dietitians, founder of Natural Diet

Error #10: you stop moving

Dancing parties and traveling guests behind, and you again sit at the computer for several hours. Scientifically proven - a sedentary lifestyle disrupts blood circulation throughout the body.

The result is a slower metabolism, lethargy of the skin, a state of apathy, and extra pounds.

Get up from your chair, change your posture and position, go through some part of the way to work on foot - this is useful not only for the body, but also for the soul.

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