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How to dress up a Christmas tree to attract love, luck and money in 2020 year


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New Year's holidays are not complete without the main attribute - a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. With the help of the forest beauty, everyone will be able to attract good luck, love and prosperity into their life, decorating it with suitable talismans.

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Christmas tree decoration has become a kind of rite, which not only raises the mood, but also aims to attract Fortune to the house. Fragrant needles, bright shimmering balls seem to send us to distant childhood, when fairy tales became a reality, and under the fluffy forest beauty Santa Claus always left gifts. Site experts sure that miracles happen, especially on New Year's Eve, when the universe itself is generous with gifts.

What is important to consider when decorating a Christmas tree?

1. Fashion trends 2020 of the year

Decorating a Christmas tree is not an easy process. It is necessary not only to choose the right accessories, but also to keep up with the fashion, which changes from year to year. To appease the new patron, the White Metal Rat, the following colors will help:

  • Gold and silver. Christmas-tree decorations of these shades cheer up and create a unique atmosphere of comfort in the house. Small shimmering golden and silver balls will not only appeal to households, but will also attract the attention of the 2020 patron of the year.
  • Pastel. Delicate shades of pearl, pink, blue and ashy will help create a festive atmosphere in the room and drive away sad thoughts.
  • White. Pure and bright color goes well with juicy green needles, cleans the room from troubles, brings happiness and renewal to the owners.
  • Violet. Its shades will be happy in 2020 year. You can decorate it with a Christmas tree or choose a New Year's outfit of lilac, lavender, purple, raspberry flowers.
  • Orange. Bright accessories in a saturated sunny color will attract good luck and cheer you up for the whole year. Decorating a spruce with orange toys is not worth it at all - just make a few accents so that the magic comes to life and the White Rat shows favor.

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2. Jewelry to attract money

For the New 2020 year, it is worth putting a piggy bank in the form of a rodent under the tree, throwing a few coins into it. She will attract and increase finances.

The following jewelry will serve as symbols that attract money:

  • silver tinsel;
  • coins with holes;
  • chestnuts wrapped in silver or gold foil;
  • pasta, coffee beans, peas;
  • silver bells.

Ornaments and wealth attributes can be hung on the tree, or can be put under it.

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3. Jewelry to attract love

A handmade heart is hung on the Christmas tree. It can be sewn from red fabric, stuffed with dry grass or cotton wool. They put a note in the filler with the desire to meet the love of a lifetime or to bring love to the house so that there is no place for conflicts and quarrels in the family.

Pair Christmas decorations, such as doves or swans, will help get rid of loneliness. They can be hung in a secluded place, closer to the trunk, so that no one interferes with happiness.

To attract happiness in your personal life, pink balls will help, which will also take their place on the Christmas tree.

A sweet life without offense will begin if you put candies under the forest beauty, and hang a few pieces on the branches.

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4. Jewelry to attract good luck

For good luck they make the talisman of the year with their own hands and hang it on the Christmas tree. After the festive beauty has served her, the figure is moved to the front door so that only good comes into the house, and there is no place left for the thin.

Mandarins and oranges, which are placed under a decorated tree, will help to attract luck. One of the fruits is opened in segments so that the new mistress of the year feasts and brings good luck to the house.

Other treats laid out on a beautiful saucer will also bring good luck. They need to be selected taking into account the preferences of the White Rat: nuts, cheese, cereals, peanut butter.

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