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How are we getting older and is it possible to make this process less noticeable


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It is impossible to stop the process of withering, but to make its external manifestations less obvious - completely.

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All modern stars of elegant age can be attributed to one of three types: forever young, aging with dignity and "something went wrong." In the first camp - the golden-haired Christie Brinkley, who exchanged ninth-ten beauty Jane Fonda and invariably taut Sigourney Weaver, writes Womanhit. In the opposite - Donatella Versace, Meg Ryan, who completely lost her prettiness, and another victim of the overuse of injections, Lara Flynn Boyle. Others say that accepting oneself in age is good, and they are asked not to shoot them in close-up. Meanwhile, the prevention of aging is the main trend of modern medicine and cosmetology, and, speaking of it, we will have to start with the sad.

Alas, but we have to admit: women are aging more rapidly and “harder” than men. It is all about menopause and the related changes in the endocrine system that we cannot influence. Sex hormones have a multiple effect on the state of the internal organs. They bind to specific receptors in arteries, bones, skin, muscles and hair follicles. As a result, during menopause, hair is thinning, skin becomes thinner, facial contours sag and age pigmentation appears. At the same time, the amount of adipose tissue increases, bone tissue, on the contrary, decreases, which leads to a change in posture and the appearance of the so-called “widow's hump”, and the tooth enamel becomes yellowish-gray. Thus, our body signals to those around us - this person is no longer suitable for reproduction, it’s not for nothing that after sixty women have a different voice, by the way, our secondary sexual trait. All of the above doctors call the general term "markers of aging", and even from their cursory description it becomes clear why the attempts of the same Meg Ryan to preserve youth with the help of beauty injections are doomed to failure.

Miranda Kerr, 36 years:

Firmly taken

It is necessary to immediately dot all of the “i”: it is impossible to stop the aging process, but to make its external manifestations less obvious - completely. True, to protect the body, as an honor, you will have to be young, and the first thing we all should attend to is not a declaration of war to wrinkles, but strengthening of the bone tissue. The fact is that its formation completely ends after thirty years, and how strong your bones and joints will be in old age directly depends on your diet in your youth.

Contrary to popular belief, the best source of calcium is not dairy products at all: from the whole set, you can choose only cheeses, especially parmesan and cheese. But truly rich in this element sesame, basil, almonds and sunflower seeds. Like any other mineral, from the food it is absorbed by the body many times better than from dietary supplements.

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If we talk about skin care, then up to twenty-five years old emphasis should be placed on daily thorough cleansing and sufficient hydration with the help of not only creams and serums, but also masks. Ideally, after twenty years, along with day and night creams, you will begin to use serums, for example, vitaminizing, - they often help out female students during the sessions: no one wants the face to become a greenish tint to the cover of the exercise book from unbearable loads of knowledge. Of the necessary minimum also means protection from UV rays.

Christie Brinkley, 65 years:

Burden of change

Whatever type of aging your face treats, know: age-related changes always manifest from the bottom up. At the age of twenty-eight, some will already notice the appearance of the first wrinkles on the forehead - interbrow or transverse. Therefore, cosmetologists say that Botox injections are always prescribed according to indications and are not directly related to the patient's age. Indeed, you can swear at Botox, but today it is the only way to prevent future ones and reduce existing facial wrinkles on the forehead. Afraid that you "sit down" on botulinum toxin, you should not. If you do the injection carefully, you can unlearn a wrinkle and delay the formation of creases in the brow crease.

By thirty it is time to review and home care. Now serums with hyaluronic acid and retinol, which need to be applied under the cream, should take pride of place on your vanity table. Masks should be done several times a week, and regular visits to the beautician is better to make a habit. Treatments or injecting procedures at thirty plus are aimed at combating mimic wrinkles and preserving the complexion, which, as the 19th century classics wrote, begins to fade. Acid peels and mesotherapy work best with this.

The body must also be remembered. If up to thirty from the sport you were far away, now is the time to love it with all your heart, because the main marker of your age in this segment of life is not wrinkles, but extra centimeters on the sides and hips that appear literally from nowhere. The answer is simple: after a certain age, our body begins to lose about one percent of the muscles per year. They are replaced by fatty tissue, which is much more voluminous. So it comes out: the scales are still fifty-three kilograms, and you can’t lay out a photo without processing on Instagram.

Sigourney Weaver, 69 years:

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There is only one way to deal with the problem: a balanced diet and regular frequent exercise. By the way, the sooner you teach yourself to consistently visit the gym, the easier it will be in the future, because after fifty years the process of replacing muscle mass with fat will accelerate at times, and therefore only those ladies who, like an ant can save a slim figure in an elegant age. in Krylov's fable, they managed to build a strong muscular frame ahead of time. A living example is Jane Fonda, an adept of aerobics with many years of experience. In dragonflies, the fate is predictably sad - gaining after forty-five fatty cushions on the sides, abdomen, thighs and sagging muscles on the arms.

Again thirty five

The main change in the face at thirty-five years is the appearance of wrinkles and paint bags in the area around the eyes, so the choice of care products for this area should be treated with special attention, and it will not hurt anyone to make friends with patches. Cosmetologists offer to fight wrinkles around the eyes with the help of injections and laser procedures. Another reason to get acquainted with laser technology is the vessels around the wings of the nose and on the legs, which also appear most often after thirty-five. In terms of nutrition, it is time to study everything related to antioxidants - foods rich in vitamins E, C and A. Their constant consumption will slow down the aging of the body.

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It is also time to start to take care of the hair intensively: at this age they are already actively losing melanin, which leads not only to the appearance of gray hair, but also the thinning of hair. The best way to maintain their condition - acupressure of the head with fingertips, aimed at increasing blood flow and active nutrition of hair follicles. It should be done daily, it is better with base oils, such as argan or jojoba.

Jane Fonda, 81 Year:

Forties fatal

At forty, the skin becomes thinner, many people have nasolabial folds, which, alas, only the filers can handle. The overall thinning of the skin really slow down. Hyaluronic acid, which has the property of retaining water molecules, will help - it is no wonder that it is part of all anti-aging creams. Biorevitalization also should not be neglected, but it must be borne in mind that with age, the female body begins to produce less estrogen. This leads to a general decrease in hyaluronic acid, and since it is a polysaccharide, even in the case of regular injections it is retained in the skin for a short time - it is destroyed by hyaluronidase enzymes. The only way to slow down the process - after courses biorevitalization take rutozid, blocking the action of hyaluronidase. Omega-3 now need to be taken constantly, but it makes no sense to drink hyaluronic acid. The body will assimilate it, but it will go to support the work of the internal organs.

At forty-five, most will begin to sag in the shape of their faces and flew. Unfortunately, one can not do without serious interference here: plastic, mesothreads or 3D-modeling. However, today a lot of money is spent on the study of non-invasive lifting. It is based on the effect on the skin of the ultrasound beam, which solders the collagen fibers and, thus, creates a frame that keeps the skin from sagging. In addition, after forty-five women should start an endocrinologist and donate blood for a total hormone level, ferritin protein, showing the amount of iron in the body, as well as insulin, cholesterol, homocysteine ​​and C-reactive protein. In the case of expressed problems, doctors will be able to select the appropriate therapy.

Carmen Dellorefiche, 87 years:

If you look at anti-aging care as an exam preparation, then the fiftieth anniversary is day X. How much your face and body will age during menopause will depend on how you have spent the last thirty years. Of course, changes are inevitable, but if you look light and toned in general, no one will consider the wrinkles on your face. And a couple of tricks. Medium-length hair always helps a woman look younger, and age-related voice changes can be avoided altogether. To do this, exercise the opera singers. Five minutes a day is enough to keep him young and ringing.

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