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How Mila Kunis Keeps Passion Married to Ashton Kutcher


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The other day in Hollywood, the premiere of the Christmas sequel to the popular film "Very Bad Moms" under the title A Bad Moms Christmas. 34-year-old Mila Kunis came to the celebration, but her husband Ashton Kutcher stayed at home with young children.


Kunis appeared in public in a stylish black dress. Her interview was brief but informative. The actress said that Ashton is looking after three-year-old Wyatt and one-year-old Dimitri, and that the couple plans to celebrate the premiere “in their sleep”, since they will have to pack their eldest daughter to school early in the morning. Halloween went roughly the same way - there was a holiday at school, and then the couple celebrated the evening with friends and neighbors without staying up late.


Most likely, the press was waiting for more piquant details of the upcoming night, but family and parental life is sometimes prosaic. Nevertheless, the question of love, passion and relationships in marriage Mila was still asked. Journalists asked about how she manages to keep the fire in her personal relationship with Ashton, despite all the domestic vicissitudes and the presence of two small children. The actress replied that the most important thing in family life is to talk to each other. “Communication is the key to everything,” admitted Kunis.

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