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How lemons help fight aging: nutritionist tips


Source: New Time

With the help of simple products, we can significantly improve some of the processes in the body. Nutritionist Oksana Skitalinskaya told the publication “New Time " about the anti-age benefits of lemons.

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When a person should think about aging

Scientists believe that the aging process begins already in the early stages of development, and after 12 years it grows faster and doubles every eight years. Therefore, the sooner the start of prevention, the more effective the result. It is known that nutrition, physical activity and daily routine systemically affect the physiology and epigenetics of the body.

The same scientists emphasize: until targeted gene and cell therapy for aging has been developed, our main tools in the fight against it are healthy food and drinks, as well as lifestyle.

Say, the usual morning drink for many is lemon water. Firstly, it is not suitable for everyone because of the organic acids contained in it (for example, with inflammatory diseases of the digestive system); secondly, even if the lemon juice does not cause discomfort, we often squeeze it from the lemon into the water, and immediately discard the flesh, when there is nothing to squeeze out of it.

But this is wrong. Because lemon is valuable not only for vitamin C, as we used to think, but also for many other biologically active substances, which are abundant in the peel and white pulp under it. Especially valuable is a substance with a specific name "spermidine".

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Spermidine stimulates a very important process of autophagy (self-digestion of cellular debris), which weakens with age, and this impairs the body's ability to fight systemic inflammation. This is especially important for the brain, most of which is made up of cells that do not divide. The brain consumes a lot of oxygen and glucose. As a result, the brain accumulates a kind of "waste" of production in the form of unprocessed parts of cells.

There is even such a thing as "neuroinflammation" - one of the causes of not only Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, but also depression. Therefore, foods that have neuroprotective properties should be included in the anti-inflammatory daily diet.

For the prevention of brain aging, it is important that autophagy processes occur normally in it. This is facilitated, for example, by periodic short starvations and certain substances, in particular spermidine, which is considered a geroprotector (a substance that stops aging and improves memory). In addition, there is much evidence of a positive effect of spermidine on the liver and the prevention of liver cancer, as well as on the heart.

I advise you to use all the lemon with the peel. But for this purpose it is necessary to wash it very well and slightly remove the top layer of the skin.

Italians simply cut off the skin with a spiral, pour boiling water and insist. You can insist all night and in the morning drink this healing rejuvenating drink.

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