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How easy it is to return to work after the holidays


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It's hard to believe, but not everyone is happy with the Christmas and New Year holidays. Someone went to work today, but someone has the opportunity to relax or the planned vacation continues. The greatest concern among those who are not enthusiastic about the rest is the need to sharply tune to the working rhythm at the end of the holidays. Psychologist Marianna Abravitova told Womanhit, how to solve a problem.

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Firstly, if you have a long vacation, you do not need to devote them entirely to watching TV. Holidays and feasts - not a reason to forget about an active lifestyle. The fact is that long inactivity turns the exit to work into extreme stress both physically and psychologically. Therefore, the sooner you remember that there is life outside the apartment, the faster you will restore your working potential. In addition, holidays are also given in order to spend this time with benefit: walk more, go to the rink with friends, go to the cinema with children, play air hockey in the shopping center. Finding something to your liking is easy - it would be a desire. Indeed, in a good way, rest is not lying on the couch, but a change in the sphere of activity.

Secondly, after the New Year holidays there are much more complaints about being overweight than before them. Therefore, a vacation is a good way to start practicing yourself in terms of sports: sign up for fitness, in the pool or in the gym. Dancing and yoga will also help keep fit. Start the New Year really in a new way. And so that it would not be painfully painful to say goodbye on the eve of spring with kilograms typed on holidays, think about proper nutrition.

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Thirdly, as soon as possible after the holidays you need to remember the regime (unless, of course, you have not remembered about it before). Of course, during the holidays there is a temptation to go to bed in the morning and get up at noon. But gradually you need to return yourself to the usual mode. Otherwise it will be very difficult to start the first working day.

And finally, if in the evening on the eve of going to work you still do not feel a surge of strength and desire to work, because you had such a sweet rest, take a relaxing bath with sea salt and a drop of essential oil. Include before bedtime your favorite New Year or Christmas movie, preferably a light comedy about love, and try to fall asleep early. After all, tomorrow morning you need to go to your favorite job fresh and rested. In fact, nothing has changed, just ended the holidays.

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