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How Kim Kardashian earned $ 175 million: a business scheme in which everything is not easy


Source: Tatler

Some three hours — no more, no less — took Kim Kardashian West to sell 300 thousands of cosmetic sets for $ 48 each to the last bit (the minimum of an instagram star: highlighter, contouring pencil and double-sided brush for feathering).

KKW launched the KKW line last June, tells Tatler. Some three hours - and she became richer by $ 14,5 million. For a girl who, according to many, is not endowed with any talents, she makes money very quickly. It is this, it seems, that the haters cannot forgive her, and not at all the big butt. Beauty giants with a century-long history have been picking up the keys to the hearts of picky-millennials, offering them either a cushion packed in a pink box, or a gray-brown matte lipstick. And then Kim lets out the most usual cosmetics, like from a kiosk in the junction - and the millennials on their first call provide sold out.

The point is not that the Kardashian family is wildly lucky - not at all. But they are stubborn girls, they act according to the principle go hard or go home. How to start with reality TV Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and go horde, sweeping away on their way weak, modest, too shy. Kim was a freak, trash, comic character, and now has become, in all seriousness, the most fashionable. Having unfolded its wildly popular fashion for themselves.

Although, let's be fair, she herself also moved towards the generally accepted standards of beauty. Has grown thin, for example. Together with the sisters, she hired one stylist for everyone - Monica Rose, who dressed Chanel Iman and Miranda Kerr. Rose came up with the idea that Kim would look like the “Los Angeles of the Nineties”, that is, sheath dresses with cutouts at the waist, lacquered skirts, a mix of sports with Lurex, boats, jackboots, jeans, bomber jackets. So this parochial, in general, beach, purely Los Angeles-style dress and became a trend - say thank you Kim. Then she went out for a very intelligent producer Kanye West, and he changed the record - you can't turn the same hit endlessly. Cut the number of sparkles in his wife’s wardrobe, bought her Helmut lang vintage and new. She now wears no Balmainand the minimalism of delicate flowers fitting a dramatically changed shape - a dusty rose, white, gray. AND Yeezy, of course. Nothing personal, just business.

At the time of the launch in 2007, the TV show Kardashian did not promise sensations - we saw the idea of ​​a two-generation clan that did not know the financial problems of the popular at the beginning of the zero “Osborne Family”. But Keeping Up with the Kardashians It has survived fourteen seasons. Plus a dozen spin-offs. Even the life of the boutique employees was given a separate transfer, even if it was not long lived. DashKim and her sisters Courtney and Chloe have owned for many years. Wanting to keep the golden antelope with you, the cable channel E! last year paid them $ 150 million over the next five seasons.

By the way, their fame began not with a television show, but earlier - in connection with the case of O. Jay Simpson, a great football player (talking about American football), accused of killing his former wife and her lover. Kim's father, lawyer Robert Kardashian (in 2003, he died of cancer), was a close friend of Simpson and spoke on the defense side. It is even embarrassing to remember, but once Kim worked not as an assistant, not as a stylist for Paris Hilton. How much Paris she paid for the humiliation (some of them are immortalized in the show The Simple Life)history is silent. But in the 2013 year, Kim bought herself her own assistant assistant stylist, Stephanie Shepard, and last year she was fired because of her career ambitions.

But we know what compensation Kim received from the company Vivid Entertainment, in 2007, a non-childly distributed video shot four years earlier by then-boyfriend Kardashian, rapper Ray Jay. Five million dollars - and Kim, so be it, withdrew the lawsuit. However, she received much more, because just after the scandal, television producers gave the green light to the show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. There is a version to this day that they themselves merged the video with their mother - the idea was borrowed from Hilton, who had performed beautifully with her three years earlier 1 Night in Paris.

It was funny when Kim, after seventy-two days, divorced her second husband, basketball player Chris Humphries (married to her first music producer Damon Thomas, she lived for three years). It seemed strange to the viewers of the show that the relationship with the athlete was enough for exactly one - sixth - the season, the culmination of which was the wedding. But Kardashian stands his ground: everything was for real. Do not be jealous: the court can cost Kim everything that he managed to save.

Six years ago, Kim, Courtney and Chloe in partnership with the company Boldface launched a line Khroma Beauty. And they immediately brought two lawsuits: firstly, the Los Angeles make-up studio Chroma; secondly, a resident of Florida, eight years earlier took possession of the trademark Kroma. As a result, the line was renamed to Kardashian Beauty, but lip gloss and palettes were not in great demand. Yes, and Boldface in the process went bankrupt and went to another company Hillair Capital Management, who accused the sisters of insufficient promotion.

Actually, on the part of the three Kardashians, this was a conscious sabotage. Hillair did not satisfy the financial demands put forward by Kardashian - and they hit them with the weapons they had. In instagram, the total follow-up of girls in 2016 already exceeded $ 100 million, and they cynically stopped marking the brand in photos. They were sued for $ 180 million, and the trial has not yet ended. The girls are happy that at least they regained their names. Kim vowed to continue to lease his: KKW Beauty - this is entirely her possession. Or rather, part of an empire with a funny name. Kimsaprincess Inc.

To court with Hillairwhich may cost her everything she could save, add charges of plagiarism. Then in line for department stores Sears a bag similar to the creation will be found Botkierthen in the boutique Dash - earrings, written off with Alexis Bittar. So it’s clear what mistakes Kim was talking about at last year’s women's summit Forbes in New York. But she invests intelligently in social networks, and in the selfie genre she has no equal. Want to learn - buy a book Selfishconsisting entirely of its self portraits. In the list of the most popular instagram people Kim, by the way, is not the first, but the fifth - they have to compete with the fierce enemy Taylor Swift, and with the younger sister Kylie. But for the post of advertising content there it is easy to help out $ 500 thousand. Kim does not agree to anything less, and not every brand has such a budget. But you do not have to advertise showrooms with Chinese clothing. True, marmalade bears for beauty of hair and cocktails for a flat stomach skip.

After she stole diamonds worth about $ 11 million in Paris during Fashion Week, Kim disappeared from social networks for three whole months - and suffered losses of $ 5 million more. In 2017, her income was $ 45 million, and in 2016, when she was online for the entire twelve months, $ 51 million

In order to at least partially close the financial gap, Kanye presented his wife with Christmas shares of companies Amazon, Disney, Apple, Netflix and Adidas total cost of $ 150 thousand. For the first two months of this year, the paper increased by twenty-five percent, that is, brought the new mistress about $ 30 thousand. Trifle, but nice. Spouses performing under the common hashtag #Kimye have recently had a common business - a children's line Kids supply.

Most of all, it seems, Kim has now earned - just do not laugh - on a mobile game Kim Kardashian: Hollywoodwhere players conquer Hollywood, using the advice of Kardashian. There were so many people who wanted to be friends with at least virtual Kim that in 2016, a free smartphone application brought the company that developed it Glu Mobile more than $ 100 million. They sat down, including adults, and then were treated for dependence by a psychologist.

Another application is Kimoji For a dollar with a little you get a set of stickers: a peach ass and a legendary meme ugly cry face. And also Kardashian-West is spinning there on a pole and throwing money away. Kimoji already taken offline: an inflatable mattress in the form of priests Kardashian costs $ 49. Third application Kim Kardashian West App - this is something like an interactive diary where makeup lessons, style tips and backstage from the shooting appear. Kim earns due to the built-in advertising, but there is also paid content, so that the followers go into a rage and shell out - this is the most working scheme in the money application world.

Fifty thousand dollars (the average annual income of an American family) Kim Kardashian gets for 8,5 hours. But they began their celebrity careers only in 27 years - late even by the standards of their own family, where one younger sister, Kylie, in 19 earned herself a third house, and the other, Kendall Jenner, appeared on four covers of American Spindrift. And Kim, even though she was a superstar, Anna Wintour for the first time let her on the cover only in 2014-m, and then in a wedding dress and with a decent rapper Kanye West in an embrace. Until then, it was a trash icon, which is not bad, but not fashion and not level Spindrift.

It is clear why Paris Hilton eventually lost to her former assistant. Over twenty years of career it girl the image of Paris has not changed - she is still the same blonde in pink, a lover of small dogs. Now it is impossible. Here Kim is constantly transforming. And externally, and as a product. Between leopard prints and giant bags Louis Vuittonwhich she wore in the zero, and her today's bows, collected from cycling and crop tops Yeezy between booty then and booty now - a huge path traveled by a woman with brains.

Kim feels like a business on the Internet. Your perfume Crystal gardenia she sold it well there, despite the fact that none of the buyers knew what they smelled like. And on Valentine's Day I released hearts with my perfume Kimoji hears and told the world that she gave such to friends and enemies. Even cursing her naked selfie Chloe Grace Moretz. Even Taylor Swift.

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