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'Kate is content with what is': how Cambridge spouses spend romantic evenings



Spouses prefer to watch new TV shows at a dinner ordered at a cafe.

Kate Middleton and Prince William met 19 years ago, as students of St. Andrews University, recalls Close couples believe that Kate immediately made an indelible impression on William, and such that the couple, despite the disagreement that happened, legalized their relationship. The magnificent wedding ceremony, followed by 2 billion people, took place in 2011 - and now the wife is raising three children.

The Dukes of Cambridge combine the fulfillment of royal duties with parenthood, trying to devote time not only to children, but also to each other. To stay together, the couple arranges romantic meetings from time to time.

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According to a source in the royal palace, William and Kate try not to resort to the services of nannies and be as involved as possible in the education of the heirs. When they have free time, the couple spends it at home. Spouses watch the new Netflix series and have dinner with dishes ordered from a nearby cafe.

“Kate is content with what she has, and she is happy. It does not require going out, it is enough for her to order a couple of Indian dishes from the cafe and stay alone with William, ”the royal courtier said.

According to the source, the Dukes of Cambridge watched the Game of Thrones with pleasure, and now they are carried away by the TV series The Bodyguard.

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Recall that in public, William and Kate rarely express their tender feelings. The maximum that they can afford, sometimes join hands. Experts believe that this is due to royal etiquette, according to which a demonstration of affection is not approved. Therefore, the couple does not flaunt their warm relationship, trying to keep them secret.

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