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How to change the menu to normalize weight without dieting


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There is no other area in which there would be so much conflicting information as in nutrition. Every day there are new diets and the author's methods of losing weight, only the number of people with overweight increases at the same pace.

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In fact, normalizing weight is not so difficult, if you know the fundamental principles of healthy eating, writes Rambler. They will not make you feel stress and deprivation and will make obvious the shortcomings of all modern diets.

To lose weight, you need to eat

The first principle sounds paradoxical, but to get rid of extra pounds, you really need to start eating regularly, and often - more than now. The reason for this is in the mechanism of survival inherent in our intelligent body. As soon as we begin to limit ourselves in food, adhering to a rigid diet, our body perceives this as a signal of the onset of hungry times (crop failure in the old days) and begins to slow down the metabolism.

As a result, after returning to the usual diet, or at the next breakdown, with us every gram eaten begins to be deposited in the form of fat reserves. And the ten new kilograms are replacing the new ten. But the ability of the body to adapt to environmental conditions can be to our advantage.

If we start often, 5-6 once a day, to eat in small quantities, we are already giving a new signal - about the prosperity of food. As a result, over time, the metabolism begins to accelerate, since the need to create energy reserves in the form of fat disappears. That is, the first thing a losing person should do is to stop experiencing hunger, driving your body into a state of stress.

Proper food distribution

Surely the first principle came to your liking, but wait to run to the refrigerator, especially if the time is nearing night. You can really afford to eat 2 hours before bedtime, but only if you choose the right foods. Daily distribution of food should look like this.

Breakfast (06: 00-09: 00). Here we eat complex carbohydrates (cereals, whole-grain bread) and a small amount of protein, such as tofu.

The first snack (10: 00-12: 00). In the morning we can afford sweet fruits (bananas, grapes, persimmon) or dried fruits.

Lunch (12: 00-14: 00). This should be the most abundant meal, so that in the evening you would not want to fill up the lack of calories. Here again, we eat protein in combination with complex carbohydrates (cereals, durum macaroni). Vegetarians can replace animal products with soy products and other protein-rich legumes (chickpeas, lentils, beans).

Second snack (15: 00-17: 00). Here we prefer healthy fats - it can be an avocado salad or a small amount of nuts (6 – 8 pieces).

Dinner (18: 00-20: 00). For dinner, we eat protein again, but we no longer allow ourselves carbohydrates for garnish. Instead of porridge, it is better to eat a portion of fiber in the form of a vegetable salad. Stewed vegetables are also suitable, with the exception of potatoes.

The third snack (21: 00-22: 00). Here we can only afford vegetables, sour fruits (green apple, citrus fruits) or a small amount of almond milk.

What matters is not only the correct distribution, but also the quality of the food. If, in addition to slenderness, you want to get a good state of health and a healthy appearance, you should gradually abandon all refined products in favor of simpler foods. Sweets can be replaced by fruits, dried fruits and honey, and for cooking main meals use more gentle cooking methods - grill, oven, steamer, stewing.

No stress

It was not by chance that in the last paragraph we mentioned the gradual change in the quality of the products used. If you decide to radically reconsider your diet one day, it will become excessive stress for the central nervous system, and a breakdown on familiar foods will be only a matter of time.

In addition, the stress hormone cortisol will be actively released, which represents a danger with its two properties:

  • stimulation of fat deposits;
  • muscle breakdown

And the less we have muscle mass, the worse the metabolism, since muscles are the main consumers of calories in the body. Therefore, when losing weight, you should avoid the stresses of a sharp change in the usual way of life, as well as any other emotional stress.

Make a rule for yourself to make no more than one change per week, and you yourself will not notice how new eating habits will become a permanent part of your life.

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