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'Like from a horror movie': fans criticized Ouspenskaya for abnormally large lips


Source: 7 Days

Lyubov Uspenskaya's lips became even larger - the singer lost her natural beauty, writes "7 days".


Lyubov Uspenskaya continues to change her appearance. The other day, the artist, having worked a concert in Nizhny Novgorod, arranged a gala dinner with friends. The singer met guests in home clothes and with gathered hair. In this form, the performer of the hit about the convertible proved to be quite difficult.

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Besides the fact that Uspenskaya decorated her head with a large accessory with a bow, she seems to have looked into the local beauty salon before the guests arrived.


Fans noticed that Lubov’s lips became even more prominent. The fans did not like these changes sharply.

“Stop the woman, what is she doing to herself?”

"Like a horror movie,"

“Don't mock yourself like that”

“It's sad to look at it,” they worry on the Web.

Maybe the singer in this way relieves stress due to the scandal with her daughter? Recently, the actress completely fell out with Tatyana, whom she gave birth 30 years ago from businessman Alexander Plaksin.

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The girl appeared on television with accusations against her mother. Then, however, it turned out that Ouspensky’s daughter developed a mental disorder due to the use of prohibited substances. After the incident, Tatyana went to live with her father in the States, and the artist, despite her love for her daughter, completely cut off contact with her.

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