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How does immigration affect people?

Sergey Evelev

writer, TV and radio host


People immigrate in search of a new life, new impressions and an impact on life outside the borders of their country. What awaits them? Let's try to figure it out with writer and columnist Sergey Yevlev.


Immigration always turns a person upside down, or, if you like, turns him inside out. Everything hidden creeps out, and a person is tested for lice, for courage, for strength, for intelligence (and where is it limit) and for endurance. And moreover - all at the same time. Many therefore do not pass such a difficult exam and fail it. No habit, no willingness to function all the time at the limit of their capabilities. There is no hardening, and where does it come from?

Someone, unable to stand, returns home, someone is sick, mentally and physically.

On the one hand, women experience this crisis more acutely than men, since they have either children in their arms, or parents who do not always behave adequately, having fallen on “foreign soil”. It's easier for the young, but, nevertheless, being torn out of their usual habitat, they feel like a radish on a cherry tree. Everything is wrong, everything is wrong. Another culture, customs, habits, food, water, everything in general.

On the other hand, women will be stronger. Nature has an additional resource in them, it is clear why. And they, often being “led” in the country of birth and residence, in immigration may suddenly move to “leading”, which occurs against the background of a stressful situation that husbands, partners, those who yesterday swam like a fish in water, but here beyond the border of the familiar and convenient, at first it can get confused, nervous, lose a fulcrum, not having the ability to adapt.


Marriages often fall apart, as each spouse experiences their own “restructuring” of the organism and its attempts to take root, take roots, find itself.

Friends who have arrived earlier help here, who can tell you where to go, and especially where not to go.

The main difficulties are two, this is time and money, or rather their frequent absence.

Although someone will say that this is a universal problem. I would like to plunge into a foreign language in order to quickly begin to understand everything said and, last but not least, to be able to express what has been accumulated. It is not all fast and good at. It is easier for those who have a husband, for example, got a well-paid job, and the spouse can safely study the children or himself (learning the language, immersion in a local society). The most harmful from the point of view of this immersion is the situation when an immigrant, feeling uncomfortable in a group of foreign speakers, consciously runs away from this environment and spends a lot of time with friends who speak their native language, as there is calmer and more convenient.

Immigration is a serious test for any person, and when making such a decision, you need to think three times and weigh the pros and cons, although reality is always unexpected and unpredictable, and only by diving into it, you can understand whether it is yours or not.

I think that it is important not to lie to yourself, and if you feel that it is not yours, collect things and, without thinking about what others think or say, go back home. This is not a loss, it is a recognition that you also have a limit and restrictions through which not everyone can jump over quickly and easily. Better that way, than to torture yourself, fearing to be known as a weakling, a loser, not ready to pay the “price” for a better life, which you may have been waiting for in a new country. Because - maybe not waiting.

To each his own.

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