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Bathroom instead of the gym: how a hot bath helps burn calories


Source: Travel and Leasure

A new study by experts from Loughborough University has shown that a hot bath helps to burn as many calories as is consumed during the 30-minute cycle, writes Travel and Leasure.


The test was conducted with the participation of 14 men, each of whom took part in two types of experiments: an hour went by bicycle and an hour lay in water with a temperature 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius). The idea was to raise the body temperature to the same numbers. Yes, cycling helped burn a lot more calories, but researchers found an interesting fact: relaxing in a hot bath burns 130 calories, which is approximately 30 minutes of cycling.

Experts also monitored blood sugar levels during the day after testing. It was found that after the bath this indicator was 10% lower than after physical activity on the bike. Scientists suggest that a hot bath helps reduce inflammation in the body. The idea of ​​passive heating as a medical treatment is relatively new and is still popular only in Finland. Finnish research shows that regular sauna visits reduce the risk of certain cardiovascular diseases.

Experts remind that the subjects were men, and the female body may react somewhat differently, however, the use of the bath, according to them, is quite obvious. The main thing is not to raise the temperature above 40 degrees, especially if you are not used to thermal loads.

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