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How gender stereotypes break children's fates: scientific facts


Source: USA Today

It doesn't matter where in the world you live. Male and female roles are distributed early - and such stereotypes have long-lasting consequences. New study edition Journal of Adolescent Health He says: gender expectations cause children serious trauma and are transferred to their adult life. He writes about it USA Today.


A study of this magnitude was conducted for the first time. It was attended by girls and boys aged 10 to 14 years from 15 countries of the world, from families with different income levels and social status. The results showed that many stereotypes are universal throughout the world and firmly rooted in the minds of children even before the age of ten.

One of the biggest myths is that a teenage girl is vulnerable, fragile and requires the protection of society, and the boy is strong, independent and fearless. Experts believe that it is this myth that leads to serious psycho-emotional injuries of both sexes. Girls are not allowed to be strong and choose their own path, while boys do not get the rights to weaknesses and mistakes. These roles have no relation to biology and physiology, they are exclusively social, scientists note.

The consequences of such roles are early marriage, depression, early leaving school, the tendency to become a victim of violence (girls); involvement in violence, death and disability from injuries and accidents, addiction to addiction and suicide, shortened life expectancy (boys).

Experts say that everything starts in the family - it is very important to treat the child individually, as a person with a special character and characteristics, and not in the context of his sex and social affiliation.

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