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How Feminist Megan Markle Will Raise Firstborn


Source: Forbes

The news of Meghan Markle's pregnancy has already violated one of the most important rules of the unspoken protocol and caused discontent among the representatives of the aristocracy. What awaits the child of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and how will he be raised by a mother who is "controversial" from the point of view of the British?

It seems the whole world was watching the wedding of Megan Markle and Prince Harry. Still, their marriage union destroyed stereotypes and ignored the traditions of old England: first, the bride is divorced, secondly, “ethnically ambiguous”, third, older than the groom by three years, and even a Catholic, writes Valeria Stark for Forbes.

In addition, their wedding was "not in politics", which was another violation of the royal protocol. Afterwards, everyone eagerly waited for the couple to announce the interesting position of the newly made Duchess of Sussex. Finally, they waited, the news of pregnancy Megan Markle was a sensation, it seems, they were shouting from every bell tower. And literally.

At the tower of the British Telecom Tower broadcasting station, where only emergency news in a running line format is usually announced, it read: "Congratulations Prince Harry and Meghan!"

The official message about the pregnancy of the wife of the grandson of Queen Elizabeth Prince Harry was posted on Twitter at Kensington Palace. "Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are pleased to announce that the Duchess is expecting a child in the spring of 2019 of the year." What now wait for the world from a couple of rebels?

Title for royal offspring

Baby Sussex - this title has already received in the people of their unborn firstborn. After the birth of a child Megan Markl and Prince Harry will be the seventh in line for the royal throne and the first member of the British royal dynasty, in whose veins there is African blood. In the UK bookmakers already place bets on the floor and the name of the baby. The most popular names were Alice for a girl and Philip for a boy.

It is possible that the royal couple will break the protocol this time too by choosing an unconventional second name for the baby - by paying tribute to African or American culture. If a couple has a son, he will receive the title of Count Dumbarton, the daughter will also be called Lady Mountbatten-Windsor. A born child will not inherit a prefix to the name HRH, which means His or Her Royal Highness. Another great-great-grandfather of Harry, George V, in 1917, passed a law according to which this title can only belong to the senior great-grandson of the male sovereign.

But even here Queen Elizabeth may intervene to find a legitimate way to give the title of “Highness” to a newborn, as, indeed, she did with the second and third children of her grandson William and Duchess Kate Middleton - Charlotte and Louis.

Even if the prefix is ​​not in the baby’s name, in any case, kinship with the queen will give him a lot of privileges and opportunities, and at the same time impose certain restrictions and responsibilities on him. Of course, his lifestyle can be more relaxed than his cousins ​​— Prince William's eldest son, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte’s only daughter. Even with regard to clothing, the future first-born Megan and Harry will not have to follow the strict rules of the royal protocol, according to which the boy should wear only shorts up to seven years old, and the girl will only wear dresses starting from a year.

Royally childhood

By tradition, childbirth of the monarchy takes place in the private wing of Lindo St. Mary’s Hospital, where 7500 pounds cost the night. After that, the newborn will be met royally - with a volley from the 41 shot. The child will have several nannies of different nationalities and at least bilingualism is guaranteed for him. As a rule, royal scions speak at least three languages. If we talk about training, then belonging to the British royal family, of course, opens any doors for Baby Sussex. For example, such inaccessible, as Eton College.

Having money does not guarantee you get a student card there. Eton is a college for boys, where 15 British ministers studied, as well as thousands of other outstanding personalities, such as Karl Marx, Ian Flemming and Boris Johnson.

The selection takes place according to several criteria: students must show themselves at the height of the most difficult academic tests, must engage in several sports, know several foreign languages ​​and be able to play several musical instruments. And still have to be able to lead a highly intellectual conversation and think outside the box. Students wear a frock coat to class. In case budget places are not enough, training will cost 40 000 pounds per year. Princes Harry and William were students of this college, it is logical that their children will study there. Getting to know future ministers from school is never superfluous, even for the royal children.

If a girl is born, she will have the opportunity to attend one of the private schools in Ascot or Windsor - a city in the county of Berkshire. There are the most prestigious girls' schools for the Wycombe Abbey School and St Mary's School. For example, English suffragegirl Eliza Bowerman and Australian suffragist Jesse Street studied at Wycombe, which can certainly be one of the factors when choosing a school for the feminist’s daughter Megan Markle. And from mixed schools, Westminster School is quite suitable. This school is located near the parliament building, and weekly meetings are held there in Westminster Latin - a dialect that exists only within the walls of this school.

Learning, or rather, whose children are studying nearby, is one of the most important starting points for a child whose parents want him to feel confident in the highest circles. And Megan is well aware of this. When she was nine years old, her father won the lottery, so he was able to pay her the best school and university in the state. So he was able to open doors for her that were not accessible to him.

Baby Sussex will be required to attend royal events, but again, compared to the schedule of the future King George, his schedule will be much less busy.

Even if we compare the lifestyles of William and Harry, it becomes obvious that William, as the future king, has a greater responsibility, and Harry has the opportunity to do what he thinks about, for example, social work in Africa. Who knows, maybe considering the attitude of Megan (whose mother, by the way, is a social worker) and Harry to humanitarian and social work, after graduating from college their child will go to African countries to help those in need. In addition, there he will be able to immerse himself in the culture of the people, whose representative is his African-American grandmother Doria.

Obviously, Mrs. Markle will add a zest to the upbringing of the future duke or lady, breaking a dozen traditions. The news of her pregnancy has already violated one of the most important rules of the unspoken protocol and caused discontent among representatives of the aristocracy. The fact is that by tradition it is forbidden to report high-profile news on the wedding day of the royal family members. But as we know, the news about the interesting position of Markle came to the wedding of the granddaughter of the queen - Princess Eugenia, than distracted all attention from the newlyweds. In retaliation, the bride’s family ignored the news of pregnancy Megan Markle.

You can speculate on the fact that, being a progressive American and feminist, Megan does not want to educate her child in the archaic traditions of the patriarchate with separate schools and a set of obsolete rules. It seems to me that despite the active PR around her feminist views, Megan tries to more closely match the British royal family, rather than confront her. And he doesn’t want to turn out to be from a huge number of royal “buns” that promise her child in exchange for keeping traditions. Proof of this, of course, is its phenomenal transformation from an actress to a duchess.

In total, for some 11 months, Megan, from an American actress of TV series who loves to upload selfies on Instagram and starring in candid photo shoots, turned into a parishioner of the English church, mastered a dulce at decorum - a pose of noble girls, her knees tightly compressed, and her hands lying on them, with slightly intertwined fingers, form an oval - a royal symbol, which means that a girl can comfort a child and take care of the whole power.

After marriage, she also began to appear only in beige tights, like any married woman in the royal family, honed curtsy to perfection, and even acquired a British accent, completely excluded from her life the relatives and old acquaintances, including her father, who discredited her Thomas Markl.

And so the true assumption will be that Megan will not oppose the traditional upbringing of his future children. After all, the title, which they will receive, implies an appropriate lifestyle and behavior. This is exactly what the British people love, and it is thanks to this love of tradition that the British monarchy still exists and earns it very well.

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