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How a house design can get rid of the winter blues: non-trivial tips

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In winter, everyone feels a lack of light and color. Often this is what affects our depressed mood. How to raise the general tone using art therapy? What is the best way to make your office space inspiring to work in winter and arrange your home so that you can cozier with the cold season? And how can you explain if a person suddenly starts to be annoyed by some colors in the interior? Why do some people unconsciously, in order to escape from stress, go headlong into the design of their apartment? About this - in the material of a family psychologist and a certified psychotherapist using the symbol drama method - Victoria Bekieva.

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Lack of light and color

Often it is the lack of light and color that affects our depressed mood. December is the pre-New Year month with the shortest day. The sun is shown in the rare hours, and the color palette is reduced to black and white.

What happens to us:

- lack of serotonin, which is called the "happiness" hormone. It has a calming effect, relieves nervous tension, relaxes and gives a feeling of pleasure;

- lack of vitamin D, which affects: poor complexion, low immunity, feeling unwell, the risk of getting sick and getting a fracture;

- depressed state of mind: I do not want anything, cold and hungry;

- a tendency to depression;

- suicidal moods in certain people.

When light and color get into our area of ​​vision, mood improves.

How to cheer yourself up

How to cheer up in winter, I would like to give a few recommendations. The simplest one is to draw or paint.

Next - it is worth fighting for color and light on your own:

- walks during the day;

- bright accessories in clothes;

- colored makeup for women;

- the use of bright details in the interior of the home and office;

- don't forget about flowers;

- as well as sports, dancing and sex on a regular basis.

To fill the lack of light and color, practice symbolic drama and art therapy, which are considered the natural way to get rid of depression: with the help of them you can significantly improve your condition.

An exercise.

We close our eyes, relax, present a choice of a favorite sunny meadow or glade, a house on the ground, a spring streamlet, a beautiful mountain, a bright flower. Then we take brushes, paints and draw an image.

You can repaint furniture, shelves, favorite bed.

How to make office space inspiring to work in winter?

It is better that there were always bright flowers, bouquets. It is important that they are warm colors: yellow, red, orange.

We add bright accessories to the interior: you can hang new curtains, put a vase, get a new picture.

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How to equip housing to have a funnier and more comfortable wintering?

For example: add plants, candles, garlands around the perimeter of the room, colored pillows, warm carpets, bright curtains, pots. Lushe when there are homemade fresh flowers in pots.

Pictures - a great option, because immediately there is a "life" in the room. If you yourself enrolled in an art studio and painted - even better.

I recommend to change something old into new: add colors, repaint baskets, shelves ...


  • It is worth avoiding dualities.
  • Two colors - not enough for our psyche, you need to dilute. If you like minimalism, then three is the minimum.
  • Inspires a purple color, everything associated with lilac.
  • Warm: yellow, orange, a little red.
  • Put more citrus on the table. And for breakfast, for example, cut the same boiled eggs into two parts - the yolk will add more joy.

Our psyche is very labile. If a certain thing was cute to us a year ago, then it may become disliked, and color will play a decisive role. Inside, something is changing and, as a result, the attitude to the different objects that surround us, too.

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Has it happened that you suddenly began to irritate the red color? What can it say?

About depression. Because any depressed person wants to surround himself with everything gray and inconspicuous. Red or yellow will cause a surge of aggression.

Red is always about determination, strength and will.

If a person is positive, on a decisive wave, depressive colors can irritate him: gray, black, dirty. Often yellow causes ambivalence.

Blue adjusts to the positive: it is business and organic.

Some people unconsciously, to get away from stress, begin to engage in the design and interior of their apartment. It is, in fact, wonderful - a person finds out on his own. He has a strong psyche and she defends herself.

If relatives suddenly started moving furniture, reworking or repainting something, then support them in this, praise creativity, for example. If it annoys you, then follow their example - it may work in your case.

About the expert.

Victoria Bekieva is a child and family psychologist, a certified psychotherapist using the symbol drama method, and a sexologist. Member of the Professional Psychotherapeutic League and MOSRSKIP.

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