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How Diana revolutionized maternity in the royal family


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We are looking at how the protocols for covering the topic of pregnancy and childbirth in the British royal family have changed, around which rumors are circulating literally every day about its members' new plans for reproduction.

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Indeed, over the past ten years, the British royal family has expanded significantly, recalls Nan. The grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth II became the parents of a total of eight children (closest to the throne is the first-born of Prince William and the Duchess Kate Middleton, Prince George).

And almost every new pregnancy in a monarchial family is widely covered by the press - moreover, bookmakers even take bets on the floor and name of the unborn child. However, all this is a relatively new trend in highlighting the issue of childbirth in the royal nest. How was it before?

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Let's go back to the times when Elizabeth II herself embarked on the path of motherhood. Her first child, Prince Charles, was born on 14 on November 1948, when she was 22 on.

There was no official information that Princess Elizabeth was expecting a baby, because before the word “pregnant” next to the name of the monarch’s person could not be imagined - it’s indecent (even the pregnancy of the actresses was hidden in those days and was considered an intimate thing, to say nothing) , about representatives of royal families).

If you believe the article in the New York Times, in the summer of 1948, Buckingham Palace spread the message that Princess Elizabeth would not participate in official and public events from the end of June. Elizabeth spent her first pregnancy away from prying eyes - not a single photograph of the princess with a visible stomach appeared in the press.

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On the day Charles was born, his father, Prince Philip, according to the press, spent time on the squash field and did not participate in the process - Elizabeth had a cesarean section 22 hours after the start of fights. The operation took place within the walls of Buckingham Palace. Charles was presented to the press only on 15 of December, the day he was baptized. So the tactics chosen by William and Kate to bring a child to the public a few hours after his birth is not a tribute to many years of tradition, but their own invention.

The second birth of Elizabeth II took place in the 1950 year, then her daughter Princess Anna was born. Anna was born in the Westminster residence of members of the British royal family, Clarence House, since repairs were underway in Buckingham Palace at that time. The youngest children of Elizabeth, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, were born in Buckingham Palace in the 1960 and 1964 years, respectively.

The revolution was made by the wife of Prince Charles, Princess Diana, who not only appeared in public already noticeably pregnant, but also refused to give birth in the palace, opting for the Lindo department at St. Mary's Hospital.

According to media reports, Diana asked to stimulate childbirth, as she was tired of pressure from the press. She allegedly told her biographer Andrew Morton that the attention to her person became unbearable: “I had a feeling that people literally monitor every day of my life.”

Thus, it was Diana who became the pioneer of public pregnancy in the British royal family. And when her sons began to acquire wives and children, bearing a child in private mode became simply impossible - despite the fact that both Kate and Meghan Markle abide by many traditions of the British royal family, they still want to keep up with the times and stay active and mobile even in the months of pregnancy.

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