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How to quickly remove static electricity from hair


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Hair can become electrified due to improper care, dry indoor air, lack of vitamins, etc. It is possible to cope with the problem, but it is unlikely that it will be possible to radically change the situation if the cause is not identified, says "Home".

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How to remove static electricity from hair

If the curls become electrified after changing the shampoo or balm, then they are not suitable for you. You can consult with a hairdresser about the choice of hair cosmetics, or try to do it yourself. Pay attention to balms that contain anti-static additives.

Purchase a hair spray that removes static electricity. Use it as needed, but do not get carried away too much, as otherwise the hairstyle will look untidy, and the curls will be dirty, which is due to the presence of nutritional supplements and silicones in the composition.

You can make a spray at home. To do this, add 30-2 drops of rose or lavender essential oil to 4 ml of boiled water. Pour liquid into a spray bottle. Be sure to shake the bottle before irrigating your hair.

Try not to use a hair dryer to dry, because the flow of hot air can provoke overdrying of curls. If this is not possible, set the minimum heating temperature - the hair will dry out more slowly, but it will be much less electrified.

Irons also negatively affect the condition of the hair, causing problems - dryness, electrification, splitting, etc. Try to use them as little as possible. The quality of the appliance matters, so if you have to pull your hair every day, opt for expensive models.

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If all else fails, buy a light cream that doesn't need to be washed off. Carry it with you. When your hair starts to electrify, squeeze a little into the palm of your hand, rub lightly and apply to curls. Static electricity will be removed instantly.

In extreme cases, when there is nothing at hand, mineral water is suitable, with which you need to slightly moisten your hair, and then comb it. In addition to the antistatic effect, mineral water has a positive effect on the condition of the curls.

Use combs made from natural materials. They will not only help to avoid electrifying hair, but also have a positive effect on their health. Massage brushes made of natural wood work best on the curls and scalp.

What to do if your hair still gets electrified

Sometimes the problem persists even with the use of anti-static products. If you encounter this during winter, it may be worth installing a humidifier.

Change your hat, as the synthetic fiber content may generate static electricity. Ideally, you should wear hats made from natural wool. If you do not have the opportunity or desire to change the hat, lightly spray the inside of the product with an antistatic agent.

If the condition of your hair leaves much to be desired, for example, it is too dry due to coloring, styling, etc., it will not harm you to take a course of vitamins and minerals. Consult your doctor beforehand.

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