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How to quickly and effectively get rid of 'crow's feet' around the eyes. VIDEO


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Give these exercises about five minutes a day - and the effect will not keep you waiting. We assure you that this useful habit will replace an hour-long procedure in the salon!

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Victoria Tseplyaeva, cosmetologist, founder of the Sculptural Face self-massage school, certified specialist in acupressure Shiatsu, non-surgical facelift and taping, gave advice for Home Hearth.

“Repeat this set of exercises twice a day (morning and evening), and in two weeks the first noticeable results will appear. And through 21 the day of regular massage, the muscles will remember the correct operation algorithm and fix the desired shape. But to throw the procedure after that is still impossible. We need to continue to engage and maintain the result. It will be easy, because after a few days of training, facial massage will become a pleasant habit for you, which brings not only benefits, but also pleasure. ”

Exercise No. 1

Place the index and middle fingers on the upper part of the cheekbone exactly in the middle and press the point. Then smoothly move your fingers to the tear channel and hold down on this point for a few seconds. Then move your fingers to the middle of the eyebrow and also significantly touch the point. Gradually accelerate and repeat the 10 roundabout.

Exercise No. 2

Ancient Chinese massage technique Shiatsu 5 appeared thousands of years ago, but is still very popular and effective. With its help, you can relieve tension from the muscles, stimulate their proper operation and shape. For the area around the eyes in the Shiatsu massage, there are several key exercises during which there is an impact on certain points.

First point

Put index, middle and ring fingers on the eyebrow. Thus, the average will be in the center of the eyebrow or a little closer to the beginning of it - you should grope for a small hollow. Press all fingers on an eyebrow and hold for 7 seconds. This exercise will help prevent skin sagging and will not allow the eyelid to hang.

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Second point

This exercise will replace dozens of different creams and serums to combat the first crow's feet. Place your index finger on the outer corner of the eye and press down on the dot for 7 seconds. Try as if to push a little up, but do not stretch the skin.

Third point

Now put your thumbs at the inner corners of your eyes. Without moving the skin, press on the dots for 7 seconds. This exercise relieves swelling and swelling of the eyelids, relieves stress and improves eyesight.

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Fourth point

Finishing work with the area around the eyes is best this way - place your fingers first along the edges of the upper and then along the edges of the lower orbit. But do not touch the eyeballs. Hold pressure also for 7 seconds. This exercise helps the skin around the eyelids stay taut, reduces sagging and the appearance of folds.

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