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'It was as if they beat me with bits': a famous Russian comedian fell ill with COVID-19


Source: Facts

The Russian actress of the humorous genre Elena Vorobey was diagnosed with coronavirus infection, they write "Facts".


Sparrow herself wrote about this on Instagram, noting that for several days she was afraid to tell everyone about the disease.

“I found out about this three days ago ... I didn’t dare to immediately post the post, and everything was to blame for my stupid fears ... Firstly, I didn’t know how my father would perceive it, he’s the core, a very emotional person ... Secondly, she thought already this virus got to nausea, and here again I remind you of its real existence, so why ??? After all, I, like everyone, already want to flip through this page, ”said the parodist.

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According to her, the symptoms were only mild coughing. But then the pain began.

“My second day was very hard - my back hurt terribly, it was impossible to sleep from muscle pain at night, ibuprofen worked once, then he no longer acted. My whole body hurt as if they were beating me with bits. Today it’s easier for me, ”Sparrow admitted.

The artist is at home, but consults with doctors. She also reminds everyone that with a high temperature it is better to lie in the hospital, because there is a huge danger of thrombosis.

As ForumDaily Woman wrote earlier:

  • The son of the Russian TV presenter Svetlana Morgunova Maxim died of coronavirus. The man was treated at home, he injected himself with heparin to fight blood clots, constantly consulted with a doctor, but the body could not stand it.
  • The star of the legendary Soviet film "Moscow does not believe in tears" Natalya Vavilova, her husband died. Director Samvel Gasparyan could not defeat a dangerous infection.
  • At the 52 year of life died guitarist of the team Alexander Buinov "Ciao!" Konstantin Schukin. The reason is coronavirus. The musician left a wife and two children.
  • The winner of the coronavirus, People's Artist of the RSFSR Lev Leshchenko disclosed treatment details in a hospital in the Moscow village of Kommunarka.
  • Nadezhda Babkina told fans about her health... The singer said that she was discharged from the hospital, where she was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia, and thanked the medical staff for their responsiveness.
  • People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Tatyana Vasilyeva said that she had passed the second test for coronavirus and, without waiting for the results, left the hospital, where she lay suspiciously on COVID-19, signing the necessary papers.

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