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How an American Policeman Adopted a Child of Homeless Addicts


Source: CNN

You could see this police officer from New Mexico at the January 31 US Congress: Ryan Holetz from Albuquerque sat next to Melania Trump, before meeting with the president in the Oval Office. What this man has done tells CNN.

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The story began quite casually: Officer Holets received a message about shoplifting. Arriving at the scene, he found a homeless man named Crystal Champ with a friend Tom Kay. Both of them sat near the store and intended to inject another dose of heroin. Holets drew attention to Champ's big belly. The shocked policeman, the father of four children, began to beg her to stop taking drugs.

Champ, 35, burst into tears and admitted that drugs were in full control of her life by this point. “I know better than anyone how bad my situation is. I know what a terrible person I am, ”said the woman. She also expressed the hope that someone will be able to adopt her child.

“I'm tired of situations where I can't do anything,” Holets admits. “At that moment I realized that I have a chance to help”. On the spot, he suggested that the woman adopt the baby, without even consulting his wife: Ryan knew that his wife would be on his side, they had previously discussed the possibility of adopting children. He got into the car and drove home, where he talked to his wife - she was surprised, but expressed full agreement with her husband.

It took about three weeks - and Crystal Champ gave birth to a girl. Because of the drug addiction of Chump, the child had to undergo a course of detoxification and treatment with special drugs in order to reduce the likelihood of health problems as much as possible. Now the baby, who was named Hope (Hope) lives at home, grows and develops like all other children.

The girl's mother is still taking drugs, but Holets gave her a tablet and regularly sends photos of her daughter. Crystal asserts that it was out of love for the child that she decided to give him a chance to live a normal life, because she herself cannot provide such a life.

After the publication of CNN, several rehabilitation centers offered help to the biological parents of the girl.

A representative from one of the centers came to Albuquerque to pick them up from the street, but the dependency was so strong that at the airport both of them refused to board the plane. However, a week later, Crystal and Tom left Albuquerque for a rehabilitation center in Florida. They have a long way to go, but Ryan Holets and his family say they will support Hope's parents at every turn.

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