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Famous Ukrainian model shot panties in the US Museum


Source: Gordon

Top model from Ukraine Alina Baykova, who is building a successful career in the United States, embarrassed in the museum Solomon Guggenheim in New York. The girl shared a provocative picture on the Instagram page.

Model from Ukraine Alina Baykova. Photo: Instagram / alina_baikova


Alina arranged an art day and decided to visit the famous museum in New York. There she was photographed, sitting down on the installation of the Italian artist Maurizio Cattelana - a golden toilet. The girl took off her panties, illuminating the buttocks, and also pretended to read the newspaper.

Netizens did not appreciate the humor of the model. Many were outraged by her antics.

Recall Alina Baykova hails from Kropyvnytskyi (formerly Kirovograd).

After school she worked as a waitress. Once, while trying on a new uniform for a cafe, she was noticed by the owner of the atelier, who also had her own modeling agency. A woman offered her a job model. Funny, but Alina refused.

Alina stayed to work in a cafe, but after a while she still went to a model school. Currently, she works with leading designers, is removed for fashion brands. Most recently, Alina shone at the Cannes Film Festival.

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