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A well-known athlete died pregnant, and after 3 of the month she had a son


Source: Medusa

The famous Portuguese athlete died of asthma in the 20 week of pregnancy. Three months later, she had a son.

Фото: Depositphotos

Katarina Sekveira died in December 2018, she was 26 years, says Medusa. A well-known athlete has repeatedly represented Portugal at international canoeing competitions. Since childhood, sequayra has suffered from asthma. In December, she was hospitalized with another attack. The doctors introduced the athlete to an artificial coma, but after a few days they noted brain death.

Sekveira was on the 20-th week of pregnancy. To allow the fetus to grow, doctors connected an athlete to a ventilator. Initially it was assumed that in this form, Katharina would spend three months so that the fetus could reach the 32 week, but because of the worsening respiratory condition, doctors had to perform the operation a few days ahead of schedule, reports BBC News.

Photo: screenshot YouTube / Portugal 7

28 March 2019, the son of Katharine Sequeira was born. According to the doctors of the clinical hospital at the University of St. John the Baptist in Porto, the boy was born completely healthy - considering that he was born a few weeks earlier. The child was named Salvador.

The decision to save the child after the death of the mother was taken by the family of the sportswoman. El Salvador’s father, Bruno Sapolo, insisted that their son be born. Katarina Sekveira's mother said she supported this decision, although she said farewell to her daughter 26 December.

Katharine was buried in Port 29 March.

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