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Famous Russian writer told how she lost weight on 100 kg


Source: Rambler

The writer Tatyana Ustinova is not the first time to take care of her health and figure - and after numerous attempts to lose weight, she finally got rid of - is it a joke - of a centner of excess weight!

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True, it is worth noting that the previous attempts did not end in particular success, and some of them did a significant blow to the woman’s health, says Rambler.

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This time Tatiana approached diets wisely. Sport did not become her "friend" in life, but she managed to get rid of extra pounds without training.

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Ustinov started losing weight with medical consultations and thorough examination. All she had to do to lose a hundred kilograms was to gradually reduce the amount of food consumed.

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According to the writer, she literally cut each meal by one spoon. In each subsequent month, the volume consumed decreased. Tatiana recognized this path as rather long, but as efficient as possible.

Its weight indicates the same, which went down from the 189 kg to the mark in 90kg.

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