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Famous Ukrainian model told about a career in the USA and a novel with DiCaprio


Source: TSN

Supermodel Alina Baykova, who participates in shows of the most famous designers and is removed for the covers of popular glossy magazines, last week flew in to visit home, to Ukraine.

Model told reporters TSNAs it was a difficult path from the city of Kropyvnytskyi Kirovograd region to New York, as well as their relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio (last fall, a couple was photographed by paparazzi on New York street in the company of actor Tobey Maguire and an unknown blonde).

Victoria started as a waitress in a small cafe. And hated tall, for which she was teased at school. When she arrived in Ukraine, she visited her school, which she recalls with a thrill in her voice:

“I thought I would never return to school,” Baikova admitted.

Her height and thinness - what became an advantage on the catwalk, was considered a disadvantage in childhood.

“There were two of us - they laughed at me and at him - he was the shortest, and I was the tallest. And we were friends in misfortune, ”Alina remembered about one of her classmates.

After school, she went to work as a waitress at a local cafe. There Tatiana saw her, who ran a modeling agency and at the same time was the owner of the studio.

“We sewed them a uniform. I was sitting at the table, looked at this girl and thought: “My God, what data!”. But she was like a hedgehog: “No, I don't want to go to the agency,” Tatiana shared.

The girlfriends persuaded, the agency did not take tuition fees from Alina. Then there was China - and after a few years offers literally fell from all the world fashion houses. Show by show, cover by cover.

“There is something from Cinderella in my story,” says Baikova.

Today Cinderella is being photographed in Kiev to advertise fur coats. Her American employers do not take this off - real fur is banned on the world's catwalks.

Her Instagram page has party photos, provocative nude shots and even shots on a golden toilet - all seamlessly combined with her charity work in Africa.

But the real hysteria in the press was caused by pictures taken six months ago on a street in New York. Leonardo DiCaprio walks on them next to Baikova in her favorite earrings with crosses. World tabloids immediately announced the actor's romance with a Ukrainian model.

“I sent him an SMS, they say, look, we are already credited with everything. But we just laughed - nothing has changed for me, ”Baikova commented on the rumors.

Explain Leo and other celebrity friends, where she is from, is not necessary.

“Everyone here knows Shevchenko, everyone knows Klitschko - Ukraine was glorified even before me,” the model says.

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