The article has been automatically translated into English by Google Translate from Russian and has not been edited.

Famous actress made a drunken brawl on the plane


Source: NEWS

Hollywood actress Tara Reed, best known for American Pie and King of the Parties, riot aboard United Airlines.

Photo: Instagram / tarareid

As a result, the crew had to remove the actress from the flight, they write “NEWS".

The incident occurred on a plane taking off from Los Angeles Airport to New York. Immediately after landing, drunk Reed began to be outraged loudly because she was not satisfied with the place on which she was seated, and then complain that she was not given a pillow.

The flight attendants tried to resolve the situation, but the actress could not calm down. Then a member of the crew asked the girl to leave the aircraft, after which she left the cabin.

Photo: Instagram / tarareid

Later, the actress said that she wanted to sit near the window and was very upset because she was given another place. As a result, the plane flew out of the airport with a delay, and the girl got to the destination by another flight.

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