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Israeli scientists have learned to remove bad memories


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Dr. Ofer Izhara and a group of scientists from the Weizmann Institute announced their first success in research to remove negative memories. They managed to get rid of the frightening memories of a laboratory mouse.

As part of the experiment, laboratory mice were frightened by accompanying it with a certain sound. Later, the mice reacted to this sound, showing anxiety.

It was possible to save the mice from frightening memories by passing a light pulse between the cerebellar and prefrontal cortex of the brain. These actions helped to weaken the interaction between the regions of the brain responsible for memory. According to the theory of Israeli scientists, this should “erase” unpleasant memories.

The theory worked. After exposure to a light pulse, the mice forgot about the “frightening” sound and then behaved calmly.

These studies are still ongoing. Scientists believe that in the coming years, according to this method, people will be able to get rid of negative memories. This will help in the effective treatment of those suffering from post-traumatic disorders.

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